Good Morning,

As a member of our beloved Coworkrs community, I wanted to personally share with you our exciting news. As of today, January 17th, we have rebranded the company and are now Bond Collective.

Since it's inception in 2013, Coworkrs has become more than just coworking space, and we want our brand to be a reflection of that growth. While Coworkrs represents where we were, Bond Collective represents what we have become: a brand that is flexible, member-centric and hospitality driven, creating an environment for our members to thrive while working within our spaces. As our company continues to build momentum here in New York, and through nationwide expansion, you should expect increased premium offerings, including our new Concierge Service (initially rolling out at 60 Broad Street).

Aside from seeing and remembering a new name, nothing in your day-to-day operations will be impacted. As an early stage business ourselves, we're so excited to have the opportunity to grow with all of our members. Our team is incredibly committed to continue to bring you the best experience at your workplace and we are thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

We hope this little surprise on your desk this morning will get you excited for a bright future with us. And don’t forget to ask your Community Manager today for your very own Bond Collective t-shirt!

Again, thanks for being apart of our growth. Welcome to Bond Collective!


Shlomo Silber

Bond Collective shared office space and coworking in New York City