By Chrystina Orlando, Assistant Community Manager at Bond Collective, Gowanus

Working from a shared workspace is a beautiful thing. You have the benefit of changing scenery from your home and yet the quiet solitude to efficiently get your work done. However, if you are working from a shared office space alone or with a small group of people, you might feel a little lost in the shuffle. How do you find the delicate balance of working "alone" while building relationships with those around you? This article will offer you some advice on how to branch out and make lasting impressions at a coworking space like Bond Collective in New York City.

1) Introduce yourself.

This is a simple concept, but can sometimes be a total challenge. You might be afraid of disturbing others while they're working with their headphones on, or you may think it's too late to say hello if you've been seeing familiar faces in the office space for a while. Fear not, it's never too late to formally introduce yourself. If you find yourself making eye contact with other coworkers, smile and say hello. A simple "Hey, I figured it was about time I introduce myself!" will suffice. An introduction and a smile will start a rapport that will lead to more and more conversation, a lunch buddy, or even a new business connection.

2) Utilize the office space.

Shared workspaces offer many different perks and amenities. If you have time to take a break, eat your lunch in a common seated area or go to a lounge area where you don't usually work. For example, during the lunch hour, many coworking members socialize around the kitchen while making or heating up their lunch. Go to where the people are, and integrate yourself. When in doubt, start up a conversation by asking a fellow coworker where they like to get delivery in the area during lunchtime. Everyone loves talking about food. #Fact

3) Get involved!

One of the major benefits of working from the Bond Collective office spaces is the fact that we host events and happy hours. Even if you don't know anyone else, show up to these events with a smile and with an eagerness to shake some hands (not to mention your business card!). I guarantee you, you are not the only person showing up alone. This is a great time to mingle, unwind, have a drink, enjoy some snacks, and learn more about the other members. If your schedule doesn't allow staying at the coworking space past 5pm, we also offer events that happen during business hours that offer a free service, food or drinks. If you show up to these events regularly, you will definitely gain exposure to many more connections and opportunities. Some of which you probably never even cross paths with during your daily grind.

4) Get to know the staff.

Okay, I'm biased because I am a staff member at a Bond Collective office space, but I am speaking from experience! Staff members are friendly with all of our coworking members, and if we meet people who need to hire a service for something that you do (example: if you're a photographer and we hear a member really needs a new headshot), we will definitely put your info in the right hands. You can also come to us if you are interested in new event ideas or need any extra assistance with branching out within the NY coworking community.

5) Get on Social Media.

Getting involved in the online community is a wonderful way to make connections that carry over into the real world. Following and tagging Bond Collective on social media will put you in a digital pool of your startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who are looking to branch out professionally and personally. Commenting on our shared office space official posts, creating your own posts with location tags, and searching for others who do the same will put your name, business, and brand out there.



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