By Matt Sokal, Digital Marketing Manager, Bond Collective

Since 2013, Shlomo Silber, co-founder and CEO of Bond Collective, has been hard at work developing boutique workspaces with a focus on hospitality and design in New York City. After opening four successful shared workspaces in the New York Metro area (a 5th location is opening in Bushwick next year) and an event space, The Mezzanine, Bond Collective has emerged as a leading provider of shared and luxury office space. After years of research, travel, and preparation, Shlomo and Co-Founder, Elie Deitsch are taking Bond Collective nationwide.

This past Tuesday, we proudly announced that Bond Collective secured $50 million in private funding to open upwards of 30 locations before 2020. The first nationwide location outside the New York Metro area will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Bond Station House, opening in Spring 2018. Located above Suburban Station in historic One Penn Center, Bond Station House is a 22,000 square foot workspace with penthouse views overlooking Love Park and the Philadelphia skyline. It features state-of-the-art kitchens, wrap around terraces, and 25-foot ceilings allowing for a variety of workspaces for individuals and companies of all sizes.

kitchen (1).jpg

I recently sat down with Shlomo to discuss Bond Collective’s national expansion and get his thoughts on the future of coworking and shared workspaces.


Q: What drew you to Philadelphia to make it Bond Collective’s first nationwide location outside the New York Metro area?

A: When we decided to expand outside of New York, we wanted somewhere in close proximity to New York, where we could hop on a train and get to the location within two hours. When I was looking at buildings in Philadelphia, I instantly fell in love with the Art Deco aesthetic of One Penn Center. It fits perfectly with the Bond Collective brand. Also, Bond Station House will be located in the penthouse of the building. The views will be incredible. Combined with the convenience of Suburban Station underneath the building for commuters, and it was a no-brainer decision for Bond Collective to begin expansion in Philadelphia.

Q: Bond Collective is planning to open upwards of 30 locations before 2020. How do you decide which cities to target for expansion?

A: One of my favorite things to do as CEO is exploring new cities to see which would be a great fit for Bond Collective. We’ve had our eye on a handful of cities these past few years and we’re so excited to now have the opportunity to bring Bond Collective to those communities. Many different factors go into deciding where we should expand to. We look at growth trends of each city along with different industry sectors.  When we visit cities, we’re exploring all different neighborhoods and talk to people in the community to get a good feel of which area makes the most sense for Bond Collective.


Q: During this expansion, how do you strategize on differentiating Bond Collective from the very competitive coworking and shared workspaces market?

A: We understand that there are a bunch of different players in these areas. However, there’s a deep community of both individuals and enterprises that want what Bond Collective provides. We’ll be blending into these communities by offering luxury workspace with a hospitality feel. Our plan is to develop convenient locations near lounges, eateries, and health and wellness studios. Ultimately, this will be a place where everyone shares an amenity. 

Q: Where do you see coworking and the shared office space industry going in the next three years?

A: The big focus will be on enterprise clientele. Adding a service and hospitality approach to it will be really, really important. Companies no longer want just a regular workspace, they want a space that speaks to them and their business. Whether that means building out a custom office or providing a virtual assistant or artisanal coffee, as a team we work with members to make sure they are as comfortable and productive as possible in our locations. 



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