23 Questions with Bond Collective is a series highlighting the impressive 1,000+ person community spread across the Bond Collective portfolio. The series will feature members from 60 Broad55 BroadwayGowanus and Flatiron locations and Bond Collective employees as well. 23 questions will explore all different walks of life and show just how unique and vast the Bond Collective network continues to become. 

Bond Collective member at our gorgeous Financial District office space.

Issa is a designer at Sequence and a member at Bond 60 Broad. Originally from Taiwan, Issa moved to the United States at 18 years old for college and has since received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from San Jose State and attended the revered MFA Design: Designer as Entrepreneur Program at the School of Visual Arts. Issa enjoys walking her neighborhood, The East Village, and all things art. At Sequence, Issa is a part of the brilliant team that connects brands and people through design-driven transformation, creating customer experiences and building digital products. At Bond Collective, Issa enjoys meeting other members of the community that she would not have met in a traditional office setting. Issa has an infectious laugh and a killer fashion sense. We asked Issa a few questions…


1 - First thing you do in the morning?
Drink a glass (500cc) of water.

2 - Top 3 songs to listen to when you need to get work done?
There are too many... For the past couple weeks, it has been:
1. Lately by Poliça
2. On Hold by The XX
3. Choreograph by Gilligan Moss

3 - Favorite coffee shop and go to order?
La Colombe, they have locations in Fidi, Tribeca, and Soho. I order a latte or just pure, black coffee.

4 - Gmail or Outlook?
Both. Gmail for personal, and Outlook for work.

5 - App you can’t live without?
Camera app. I know it sounds like a silly app choice, but I love taking photos.

6 - First job?
Office assistant at the International House in college where I met 75 students from all over the world.  

7 - Favorite lunch spot?
Sweetgreen. Shroomami is my go to order, but they are always changing the menu!

8 - Early or late?

9 - How do you unwind after a long day of work?
Take a walk all through various city neighborhoods, no specific neighborhoods, I just like time to think.

10 - What is your lucky charm?  
Every time I run into a corgi it is my luck day, they are my favorite kind of dog!

11 - What inspires you?
Everything in my daily life. Photography, fashion, art galleries, museums, street fashion. I appreciate effortless style. One of my hobbies is finding vintage clothing and developing my personal style.

12 - Social Media Account everyone should be following? 
I love the graphic and minimal style of @presentandcorrect on Instagram. And of course, Refinery29.

13 - Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
If not now then when.

14 - How long did it take you to get to work this morning?
20 minutes.

15 - When’s the last time you celebrated a win?
A major win: 3 months ago. I got my Artist visa, it was a long journey!

16 - If you could squeeze one more activity into your daily life, what would it be?
Pilates. About to do it soon.

17 - If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

18 - What is the most interesting thing about you?
I would say my personality - I like to make funny sounds when I speak, my close friends often laugh about that.

19 - Last show you binge watched?
Game of Thrones. My favorite character is Jon Snow.

20 - Biggest Cheerleader? 
My family and close friends

21 - Call or text?

22 - Favorite book?
Inside/Outside: From the Basics to the Practice of Design By Malcolm Grear

23 - Name 5 people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party.
1 - Andreas Von Buddenbrock - illustrator
2 - Christophe Lemaire - one of my favorite fashion labels
3 - Ellen Degeneres
4 - Ryan Gosling - because of LA LA Land
5 - Raf Simons


Bond Collective and partner Red Bull Media House are proud to feature MAVENS like Issa, spotlighting inspiring people breaking through and redefining societal norms. These photos of Issa were taken in conjunction with our screening of MAVENS, Red Bull's newest web series, at Bond Gowanus on February 2.

Images courtesy of our in house photographer, Logan Jackson. Check out his work here!


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