In celebration of Bond Collective's Spring Wellness Serieswe are proud to present: Health & Wellness in the Workplace. Bond Collective will be celebrating all things wellness in March and April, so keep an eye out for lunchtime massages, free drop-in fitness classes, stress reduction workshops, wellness discounts and more!

Antelope Canyon by Gene Horecka

Antelope Canyon by Gene Horecka


Treat yourself 2017. We’re going to jump into self-care today - the practice of taking care of your emotional and physical needs. If you can’t show up for yourself, then who will?

The goal of self-care is to prime your body and mind so you can greet each day with passion, enthusiasm, and trust that the Universe and the powers that be are supporting your goals, dreams, and aspirations. How are you making time for yourself? And more importantly, how can that time be improved?

I see self-care as two parts: physical and mental. Taking care of your body and mind are the most important and here are some tips to boost that self-love - woo!

Self-care is truly about treating yourself. Sleeping well, eating properly, doing what makes you happy - all of these are important. The ocean of life takes you through a whole lot during your day, ensure your boat is in peak condition for optimal performance! Do you have a nightly ritual? A simple method of self-care could be closing out your day with guided meditation, a long salt soak, or even something as small as a Ferrero Rocher for dessert every night. It sounds like something a New Age, crystal-toting, chia-seed inhaling millennial would do, but I am quite literally a New Age, crystal-toting, chia-seed pudding eating machine.

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Wholesome, Restful Sleep

Clearing your mind and focusing on your breathing is a wonderful method of cleansing your mind so you can sleep with no worries. Today, the glorification of a “busy schedule” has taken over, but those “busy-bees” end up burnt out and unhappy with their lives. Don’t be one of those people. Also, bees have a short life - you’re a person, not a bee (#SaveTheBees2017). Try out a guided meditation before bed and see how you like it! Jessica Snow is my favorite source for guided meditations. Her voice is soothing and her meditations are quite juicy - take her Crystalline meditation out for a ride. Even if you don’t carry crystals, you can pretend that you do! You’ll sleep like a baby.

Eating well

During my freshman year at American University, I took an Intro to Nutrition class for my science requirement (Chemistry and I are not on good terms; that’s just how the cookie crumbles, my friend). The diet consists of 3 parts: lipids, carbohydrates, and protein. Carbohydrates give you energy, proteins keep you full, and lipids keep you juicy. You always want to be juicy. Your body needs all three to function at its best and if you’re missing out on one of the groups, then you’re missing out on living your best life. Don’t miss out. A solid meal will prime your body with the fuel to go about your day. Here’s a rundown of what I typically eat during my week - use this as a starter for your nutritional goals! Take out what you like, add what you want!


Breakfast: You know breakfast is named after “breaking your fast”, right? Good. Great. Glad we’re on the same page. A bowl of oatmeal doused in honey with a scoop of peanut butter, chia seeds, and a sliced banana. If you’ve seen me around our BOND Flatiron space in the morning, I always grab an oatmeal cup from our awesome honor bar. If I’m scheming at BOND Gowanus, it’s definitely hit up one of those Organic Grill protein packs in the morning - they fuel you up and keep you full! If I’m frolicking around 55 Broadway or 60 Broad, it’s definitely a Chobani cup with crushed animal crackers (Yes, I eat animal crackers! Yes, I’m 23! I’m following my bliss!)



Lunch: I’ll drop by Taza deli for a protein packed salad or I’ll head to Potbelly for a pizza sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup if I’m having a great week (I’m always having a great week, so I’m definitely on a first name basis at the Potbelly on 26th - hehehe!) If I opt for the salad route, I have a yummy recipe that’ll keep you going through that 2pm slump. Spinach, black olives, walnuts, feta cheese, chickpeas, an avocado (or three), and a loaf of mini black olive bread on the side. If I’m feeling funky fresh, I’ll drop by Wagamama’s and order the Chicken Teriyaki Donburi or the Steak Bulgolgi Teppanyaki. Don’t tempt me with a good time. A Dos Toros just opened up a couple of avenues over too! Be the type to risk it all for a good burrito. The goal with lunch is to eat something that makes you and your body happy. Follow your bliss!

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Dinner: Oh it’s a party! Depending on how late I’m out, I’ll grab something hearty and wholesome. Dinner is the last meal of the day before your body goes into fasting mode. I love Dinosaur Chicken nuggets, but since I’m an adult - and not in college anymore - I’ll go for a hearty protein-based meal with carbs and veggies. These days, I’ll grab a chicken cutlet or salmon, marinate and season it, and then throw it in the oven for a bit. My favorite chicken recipes are from Chef Resha’s blog, Carnal Dish. If y’all are in the party mood, Chef Resha has the most scrumptious Hennessy BBQ wings. Cognac and BBQ? Don’t tempt me with a good time. There’s also her famous Grown Mac and Cheese recipe - the answer is always yes! Eat what tastes good and makes you feel good - make it juicy, darling!


Skincare Sundays

Hellooo! Korean beauty trends are the wave! Whether it’s one of those sheet mask or a spa day, treat yourself to something completely lavish and indulgent. Just do you! Also, drink water. I send our team calendar invites to drink water, but they always RSVP as “maybe” - what cheeky buggers! Do something that makes you feel awesome whether it’s a half hour at the gym, a Y7 Yoga class, or a walk around the block, do something that gets that heart rate up.

Now for the mental side of self-care…

Our lives are full of transactions. Money, time, love - how are you being mindful to not overextend yourself and overspend these precious resources? Self-care doesn’t stop at spa days, sheet masks, eating well, and getting your body in formation. The people you surround yourself with have a huge influence on your mental and physical health. Do you have friends and coworkers who enrich you? People who make you feel fresh and alive? Do these friends give you that strength that makes you feel like you can take over the world? These are the people you want in your life.

You can always tell who belongs and who doesn’t by how you feel after interacting with them. Does someone make you feel tired and flustered after a conversation? Maybe an old friend who leans on you for support all the time, but when it’s time for them to reciprocate, they’re not there. Maybe that person doesn’t deserve to be in your life. If there are people who drain and tax your energy, maybe it’s time to *snip snip* and cut them out of your life. Tend to your garden of life and ensure your fields are in bloom with tan huas, roses, and tulips of love and support. Live to thrive another day.

Protect your energy.


About the Author:

By Tyler Pham, Expansion Representative, Bond Collective

Tyler likes romantic walks to the bodega, Viola Davis, and cabernet sauvignon. When he’s not hustling for his dreams at Bond Collective, Tyler is throwing down in the kitchen, reading a Robin Hobb novel, or teaching his seven fish about the benefits of hip-hop yoga.



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