23 Questions with Bond Collective is a series highlighting the impressive 1,000+ person community spread across the Bond Collective portfolio. The series will feature members from 60 Broad55 BroadwayGowanus and Flatiron locations and Bond Collective employees as well. 23 questions will explore all different walks of life and show just how unique and vast the Bond Collective network continues to become. 


Machi grew up in Crown Heights, moved to Flushing, then back to Brooklyn. He went to the United Nations International School, and Sarah Lawrence for undergrad. He’s been to 5 out of 7 (71.42%) continents, listens to a lot of irish folk music, and is a sucker for cosmetic microtransactions. Machi is thrilled to serve as the Director of Programs for All Star Code, where he and his team execute one of the best programs for young men in America. Machi side-hustles as a game designer, perpetual early adopter of tech, judoka, and Soylent enthusiast. We asked Machi a few questions...


1 - First thing you do in the morning?
Put on my watch, check the time. It’s always 7:15 (I live my life, precisely, on schedule).

2 - Top 3 songs to listen to when you need to get work done?
1 - Wait for it (Hamilton Soundtrack)
2 - Casadh an tsugain (Gloaming, second album)
3 - Process Man (Great Big Sea, album “Up”)

3 - Favorite coffee shop and go to order?
Not a caffeine person, but I’ll take a Ginger-lemon punch from Café L’Ouverture, the Haitian spot near my place in BK.

4 - Gmail or Outlook?

5 - App you can’t live without?
Evernote. These D&D character ideas, meeting notes, and lyrics ‘aint going to write themselves!

6 - First job?
Barnes & Noble bookslave*, summer break between 9th and 10th grade.
                                                           *not my actual title :p

7 - Favorite lunch spot?
Xi'an Famous Foods (西安名吃)! But around Wall Street?? Dig Inn.

8 - Early or late?
As in - “do you show up early or late?” Late. Do people really choose “Early”?

9 - How do you unwind after a long day of work?
Working on a prototype, or a long match in a game I know I’ll win. Winning heals all wounds.

10 - What is your lucky charm?  
Polka dot navy blue-and-green underwear. Duh.

11 - What inspires you?
Great design – be it in composition, decorating, draftsmanship, architecture or product. I love things that look and work well. That, and great stories.

12 - Social Media Account everyone should be following? 
Omg I am not that cool – I have no idea. My friend Marni is pretty funny (@aridcarrot).

13 - Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
“I know plenty of ‘really smart’ bums. Being smart, or ‘right’ isn’t enough.” ~Dad

14 - How long did it take you to get to work this morning?
From the time I woke up? 5 hours. From the time I closed my front door? 35 mins.

15 - When’s the last time you celebrated a win?
My team passed one of this quarter’s number goals by 153% last Wednesday! But like, I also ate a whole pizza pie by myself last night, so the question’s hard to parse…

16 - If you could squeeze one more activity into your daily life, what would it be?
Workouts – if we could just, have that happen automatically at 7:30 every day, that’d be great.

17 - If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Steel Blue (HTML code #4682b4)

18 - What is the most interesting thing about you?
I’m a millennial without even a mild or self-diagnosed psychological disorder.

19 - Last show you binge watched?
Sex and the City. For the 4th time. It’s starting not to hold up.

20 - Biggest Cheerleader? 
Myself. Huh, maybe I should change the best advice answer to “burn your own fuel”

21 - Call or text?

22 - Favorite book?
The Name of the Wind. (Do yourself a favor, pick it up!)

23 - Name 5 people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party.
1 - Aristotle
2 - Shakespeare
3 - George Washington (Imagine the political impact his stances on modern issues would have!)
4 - Pharaoh Ramses II (A confirmed biblical figure! Let’s get some answers…) 
5 - Noam Chomsky (He’d help me devise the best plan of action to wring the most useful info out of this motley troupe)  


Images courtesy of our in house photographer, Maddie Talias. Check out her work here!


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