Each Bond Collective location is set in a dynamic neighborhood with a vibrant culinary identity of its own. The Bond Collective Neighborhood Guide blog series will feature some of the best restaurant, cafe, and bar options for our members to enjoy. Your Community team is always available to steer you in the right direction! At Bond Collective, we want you to love the space and neighborhood as much as we do, and as the old saying states, the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach…



1 - Frank’s Luncheonette

Easily the safest choice for a quick bite to eat, Frank’s on the corner of Smith and 3rd is a must. No frills: just delicious homemade dishes with the feel of an old school Italian deli. If you're craving a classic deli sandwich for a great price, Frank's is a must-stop!

365 Smith St - Yelp Page Here



2 - Bareburger

Bareburger is an excellent lunch option if you’re in the mood for something healthy and hearty. With plenty of burger-like options (organic, veggie, beef, and “outside-of-the-box” meats), and fantastic sides (sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts are a personal fave), there is plenty of deliciousness to choose from. A go-to Seamless choice if you’re in a bind!

170 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Visit Website



3 - Kor Tor Mor

This delightful thai spot is a must if you're looking for a lunch special. With plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, there truly is something for everyone! Their quaint storefront is also a perfect destination to unplug while you chow down.

204 Smith St, Brooklyn - Visit Website  

Kor Tor Mor


4 - Sushi Yu

Easily a member favorite, especially among the delivery crowd! This sushi spot is known for their lunch specials, fresh fish, and fast turnaround time. Free delivery makes this choice all the more perfect!

214 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn - Visit Website

Sushi Yu


5 - Whole Foods

Due entirely to convenience, Whole Foods is usually the default answer to any impending lunch queries we receive from members. It’s not only a well stocked grocery store, but a place to pick up salads, wraps and veggie burgers. Their swanky new rooftop lounge is the perfect place to hang out and eat with a coworker. Bring your sunglasses, it’s bright up there!

214 3rd St, Brooklyn - Visit Website  

Whole Foods


6 - Wilma Jean

Wilma Jean’s fried chicken sandwich, fried pickles, and tater tots definitely hit the spot on any given day! Placed just on the corner of Smith and Carroll, Wilma Jean is well within walking distance of Bond Gowanus, so you can burn a few calories by picking it up yourself (and to not feel guilty about the meal).

345 Smith St, Brooklyn - Visit Website

Wilma Jean


7 - Avlee

By far one of the best greek spots in Carroll Gardens, this is another lunch destination that you can walk to from Bond Gowanus. Avlee is perfect for an intimate lunch meeting or a gyro wrap pick up. Planning a larger outing or meeting? Grab a catering menu on the way out!

349 Smith St, Brooklyn - Visit Website



8 - Thaism

In the mood for Pad Thai or a savory soup for lunch? Thaism is great for cold days when you want soups or noodles for a hearty meal. Their dessert and ice cream menus are perfect for those hot summer days too!

278 Smith St, Brooklyn - Visit Website



9 - Nuevo

Options for Mexican food in the area are admittedly limited, but Nuevo is by far our favorite choice thus far. Quick and free delivery, their extensive menu hosts a variety of both meat-lover and vegetarian options. Try the tamales and enchiladas on your first visit!

489 5th Ave, Brooklyn - Visit Website



10 - Lotus Vietnamese Sandwiches

Lotus has great pho options, and even greater Vietnamese sandwiches. Lotus has been in the neighborhood for a while for a reason. Though a bit of a hike in comparison to other options on this list, Lotus is one of the best Vietnamese options in the area!

229 5th Ave, Brooklyn - Visit Website

Lotus Vietnamese Sandwiches


11 - Pig Beach

Pig Beach is the place to be after work once Spring rolls around. Great BBQ, even better drinks and the picnic tables are great for large group gatherings.  It’s got that easy summer feel that everyone wishes for in the dead of winter. Pig Beach opens May 25th.

480 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 - Visit Website 

Pig Beach


12 - Varrio 408

One of the best authentic Mexican spots in Park Slope. Varrio has great family style shared meals, complete with home-made fresh corn tortillas and all of the hot sauce you can ever ask for. The Al Pastor is sweetened with real pineapple chunks that creates a juicy, finger-licking good dressing to share.

412 5th Ave Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Visit Website

Varrio 408

13 - Hey Hey Canteen

A vegan favorite in the area, Hey Hey Canteen offers a variety of options for both meat lovers and avoiders alike! Their storefront just off of 4th and 4th is a must visit for hearty and healthy Asian comfort food.

400 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Visit Website

Hey Hey Canteen

14 - Pure Bistro

While their entrees are a bit on the pricier side, Pure Bistro needs to be your go-to place for your comfort food craving. Featuring primarily meat-inspired dishes, the mango salmon will keep you coming back again and again. Various catering options are available, and they do serve beer and wine should you wish to tie one on during lunch!

88 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217 - Visit Website


15 - Chickpea and Olive

The perfect Brooklyn eatery, Chickpea and Olive hosts a brief menu full of organic and locally sourced options, that will astound your vegan and vegetarian friends. Everything about their roasted jackfruit makes you understand why it’s so critically acclaimed.

214 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Visit Website


16 - Lavender Lake

The only thing better than lunch is liquid lunch. Stop by Lavender Lake for a quick pick-me-up, or more appropriately an after work gathering. Don’t underestimate their food menu however, their fry plates are perfect for the table. An outdoor patio in the back makes this a perfect springtime destination.

383 Carroll St. - Visit Website

Lavender Lake


About the Authors:

A native New Yorker, Anna has long been a part of the vibrant Brooklyn community.  She received her MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and worked in publishing for years before entering into the startup space. With over 5 years of management experience, Anna strives to create a positive, creative, and warm space for the members at Bond Collective Gowanus. She’s well traveled, speaks two Chinese dialects, and can be found roaming from coffee shop to coffee shop in Park Slope on the weekends.


Chrystina is a Hofstra alumna and native New Yorker with work experience ranging in the entertainment, media, financial, and hospitality industries. Based out of Bond Collective Gowanus, Chrystina uses her past skills and experience to enhance members’ day-to-day experiences to ensure their work environment is as comfortable as can be. Her hobbies include songwriting/vocal performance, improv comedy classes, making videos, smiling all the time, and befriending all people/animal that cross her path.




Michael is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a dual degree in Economics and Integrated Studies. A recent transplant to NYC, Michael lives with complete strangers in a walk-up in Brooklyn, and runs an art platform in his down time. Passionate about building assets that aid professional direction, Michael joined the Bond Collective team to help the development of member offerings, outreach, and services.



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