Each Bond Collective location is set in a dynamic neighborhood with a vibrant culinary identity of its own. The Bond Collective Neighborhood Guide blog series will feature some of the best restaurant, cafe, and bar options for our members to enjoy. Your Community team is always available to steer you in the right direction! At Bond Collective, we want you to love the space and neighborhood as much as we do, and as the old saying states, the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach...


1. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Tucked away on the little back street of Irving Avenue, Irving Farm is the perfect place to escape the urban jungle and casually sip a steaming craft coffee. They also offer teas, sandwiches, salads, baked goods and more. If you’re coming later in the afternoon and want a bit of a harder drink, they are happy to sell you beer or wine to complement your caffeine fix.

71 Irving Place - Visit Website



2. MyWayCup Coffee

If you want an afternoon treat to satisfy that after-lunch sweet tooth, definitely try the iced Caramelita from MyWayCup. It may be a tiny spot, but they have free wifi!

102 E 23rd St - Visit Website



3. Toby’s Estate

You may know and love Toby’s coffee freshly roasted every morning in our BOND Flatiron location, and their actual store location in Flatiron serves up beverages that are just as delicious! Bonus: The shop is attached to the Strand Bookstore, so you can grab a cup of cold brew on tap and munch on a Doughnut Plant donut while reading your favorite novel!

160 Fifth Avenue - Visit Website



4. Pushcart Coffee

If you want a change of scenery while still getting work done, Pushcart coffee is the place for you! It boasts a spacious interior with plenty of tables to sit and get work done. Consider it a more laid back Starbucks.

362 2nd Ave - Visit Website



5. Madman Espresso

Work driving you to become a mad (wo)man? Head to Madman Espresso! With rich espressos that are bound to fuel a great day, you’ll be the best kind of crazy.

319 E 14th St - Visit Website



6. Birch Coffee

If you’re bingeing Portlandia on Netflix and need to get your fix, Birch Coffee will give you all that and more. The staff is pleasant, the cold brew comes in growlers, and they make a mean Hemp Milk Mocha.

21 E 27th St - Visit Website



7. Gregory’s Coffee

Working hard works up an appetite! When the stomach is growing and the coffee craving hits, take a stroll to Gregory’s Coffee. Bond Collective members get a surprise discount every Wednesday, from $1 coffee to free pastries, so make sure to stay tuned for these delicious offers!

327 Park Ave S - Visit Website



8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Okay, we know this is a chain, but we had to throw it in the mix anyways. Situated inside the Ace Hotel, the atmosphere is always classy and the lattes are large enough to give you at least 20 minutes of warm, uninterrupted relaxation.

20 W 29th St - Visit Website



9. Brooklyn Roasting Company

A spacious coffee shop with a vintage jukebox and roulette table, Brooklyn Roasting Coffee will transport you to another time. And while you’re time traveling, don’t forget to grab a delicious Dough Donut.

50 W 23rd St - Visit Website



10. ‘Wichcraft

Another place to eat while you sip, ‘Wichcraft has some of the best darn sandwiches in Flatiron. Breakfast is served all day, so you don’t have to get in at 8am for Avocado Toast and an Americano to be socially acceptable.

11 E 20th St - Visit Website




Feeling the complete and utter need to get COFFEED? Well we’ve got you covered with this one! A calm, earthy environment with options ranging from Matcha to Black and Blue Iced tea, there is a little something for everyone.

590 Avenue of the Americas - Visit Website



12. Breads Bakery

While it’s technically known for its out-of-this-world baked goods, there’s no reason you can’t continue your Java Journey into one of the tastiest establishments in NYC. We recommend pairing a frothy coffee with their Chocolate Babka, and we won’t even judge you for eating the whole thing.

18 E 16th St - Visit Website



13. LavAzza Cafe

Nestled in Eately right across from Madison Square Park, LavAzza is the ideal place for a quick Italy escape no matter the time of day! Kick back with a strong espresso and treat yo-self to a melty breakfast panini while you’re at it. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

200 5th Ave - Visit Website



14. Le Café Coffee

Known for it’s beautiful latte art, try pairing a decorative coffee drink with one of their Salted Caramel Macarons or sweet pastries. Dessert is for any time of the day, so no one can blame you for a 10am cookie snack.

7 E 14th St - Visit Website



15. Piccolo Cafe

When you’ve got a case of the Monday’s, Piccolo Cafe is a solid spot for a Truffle Egg Sandwich with an Italian-Roasted coffee. If you’re in both a sweet and a savory mood, try one of the breakfast sandwiches with a Nutella tart (or three).

157 3rd Ave - Visit Website





About the Author:

Lara Gould is the Community Manager at our Bond Flatiron location.

Lara made the move from North Carolina to New York immediately after high school, attending Syracuse University and graduating in 2015 with a major in Public Relations and minor in Psychology. With a passion for engaging with people, Lara took her interpersonal skills to the entertainment world where she spent time in reality television casting and production. After a couple years, she transitioned to Bond Collective, bringing her collaborative and outgoing nature to the Bond Flatiron community.


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