Working from an office is not like it used to be. Five to ten years ago most office spaces were made up of cubicles, desks, chairs and mundane lighting. Now, you might walk into an office anywhere in the world and see lux couches, exposed brick, state of the art appliances and designer furniture. Oh how the times have changed! Office space has increasingly become more important to companies to create a productive space for their employees to be efficient and succeed. Not only that, there’s the choice between a traditional office or shared workspaces, which poses even more options and opportunity for people to work in a comfortable atmosphere. Studies have shown that office aesthetic and feel is directly linked to better office morale and happier employees. Whether you are working in a traditional or shared workspace, it might be daunting to create your office aesthetic when you have a blank slate to start with. You’d need a conducive layout, furniture of all kinds, technology, IT equipment and operations office supplies. To create that extra level of happiness, employees are now looking for environmentally friendly spaces, wellness perks and healthy snacks in the workplace. Look no further! We’ve identified the top office design trends to adopt in your workspace so your employees are happy and comfortable.

1 - Reuse items you often times throw out or donate

You might not realize it, but books and magazine make great decorative items for your office or common area! Stacking a few magazines or books on a side table or desk will create a feeling of the space being “lived in” and comfortable. A much better place than simply throwing them out!  Also, small knickknacks, board games and old dishes would work just as well as decorative items across your workspace. Check out our 55 Broadway location’s page for inspiration of how the smallest items can make a big difference in your space!

2 - Green is the new black

Having a green thumb doesn’t necessarily need you need to get your hands dirty. Plants, succulents or cacti can bring life to even the dullest office or even cubicle. Not only that, a small plant can boost office morale and productivity, as studies show that they make us feel more at ease and happier. To help you get started out on finding your perfect plant, our in-house design team put together a list of 11 low maintenance plants to transform your office. Go out and get your green on!  

3 - Storage can make or break an office

Whether you are adding shelving units or a chic filing cabinet to your office, storage can be the design key to any office. On a smaller scale, storage alternatives such as miniature boxes or document folders can provide you with easy access while also staying organized. Curating an office and desk space that is organized is key to ensuring your workday is as smooth as possible. Look to Poppin or The Container Store for some great colorful options that would fit in any office!

4 - Pick the perfect (and bright) spot to perch

Finding the right office chair is a lot like finding the right mattress: it’s different for everybody! Whether you are a rolly chair user, or strictly stationary leather chair, there’s a lot of high end designed options out there. If you aren’t interested in investing in a chair and would like a less expensive option, go for the breathable mesh in a bold color to brighten up your office. Colored chairs have enormous potential to turn a bleak office with a lot of browns and blacks into a (what seems like) interior designed workspot!

5 - Timepieces to add form with function

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Some may say that clocks are no longer functional given we have cell phones, computers and digital watches. We disagree! Adding a clock to your office brings order to an otherwise chaotic workday. Not to mention they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Whether you are looking for a clock to match your rustic decor or art deco alcove, there are plenty of options to match your office design to add the functional finishing touch on your decor.

6 - A touch of fragrance

Adding fragrance to a space is often times forgotten since you can’t physically touch it or see it. A memorable scent is incredibly personal and can be released in a number of ways. Whether you provide a scent through a candle, diffuser, room spray or incense, a light touch of a scent will make for a more inviting atmosphere. Fragrance can be important to include in your office because (let’s face it) people or animals don’t smell the best after a full day’s work! If you work from a single person office or work among 100 people, scent is important to provide a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere.

7 - Wellness in the workplace

Now more than ever people of all ages are becoming more aware of making wellness a priority whether it’s in their personal life or in the workplace. One of the biggest trends we are seeing is adding a standing desk to your office. Standing more throughout the day will allow you to stretch your legs and improve posture. Also, sitting on a large work out ball has become extremely popular to help back and neck muscles. Lastly (and possibly most effective) there are small cycling machines that can be placed underneath your desk to burn calories throughout the day. We think this is just the beginning of integrating health and wellness in the office!

8 - Chic notepads

Email is king, but that’s not to say writing notes or to-do lists are extinct. Having your desk full of post-it notes is not functional or cute in any way. Notepads inside of a glass case or on top of a gold tray adds a layer of design to a rather bleak, basic object. Or if you aren’t into clutter on your desk, add a quartet tinted glass whiteboard to an empty wall for notes or scheduling purposes. A notepad isn’t typically an object that one thinks might need a designed touch, but every part of your office can look chic if you try hard enough!

9 - Entertain in your office

Your office can be more than just a place to get some work done. Create an office environment (no matter the size) that allows you to entertain guests, clients or friends. You can do this by bringing in a bar cart which is a sophisticated yet fun way to break the ice or close a deal. Adding a few extra chairs will add to the aesthetic and layout of the office to entertain guests. You spend a lot of time in your office, so it’s important to have a little fun every now and then!


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