23 Questions with Bond Collective is a series highlighting the impressive 1,000+ person community spread across the Bond Collective portfolio. The series will feature members from 60 Broad, 55 Broadway, Gowanus and Flatiron locations and Bond Collective employees as well. 23 Questions will explore all different walks of life and show just how unique and vast the Bond Collective network continues to become.


Ali Rickards is a writer/producer for Bonnemaison, Inc., and manages emerging brands in the design, fintech, and wellness spaces.  With a broad range of clients and responsibilities, no two work days are ever the same and Ali can be found in the Gowanus office as often as she’s on a plane, train, or boat in some foreign land.


1 - First thing you do in the morning?
For me, waking up is not all rainbows and tiny chirping birds making my bed - the struggle is real, but Sakara’s morning water help tremendously, as does getting in a workout.

2 - Top 3 songs to listen to when you need to get work done?
Tough one - I always need music on to be productive and the last 3 songs I listened to were:
- Number One by Portugal. The Man
- River by Leon Bridges
- Xx by Morgxn

3 - Favorite coffee shop and go to order?
East One Coffee Roasters  - These guys have a coffee bean roastery onsite, and I know that that sounds like the most eyeroll-inducing sentence, they’re doing something right, because their cold brew is unbelievable.

4 - Gmail or Outlook?
Gmail, but isn't it really all about Slack these days?

5 - App you can’t live without?
Collide: A new livestream app that filters out the noise normally found on social media platforms. I like my favorite expert's opinions in real-time, straight from them, and not in the form of pre-approved talking points.
Also, Shyp has saved me about 5 hours/week by not having to swing by FedEx after work regularly.

6 - First job?
Aside from Camp Counselor and an uncredited extra on Step Up, my first job job was as a legal assistant at Skadden Arps, but that didn't last long as the law was definitely not for me!  I quickly landed in Spain with one of the best jobs anyone’s ever had -  eating and driving my way through the county as a producer on  Spain...On the Road Again.

7 - Favorite lunch spot?
Chickpea & Olive - I am not a vegan, but damn, their unripened jackfruit sandwiches should be the posterchild for making gluten-free vegan food taste like delicious comfort food. They're paving the way in nutritious eating far beyond kale and pressed juices.

8 - Early or late?
I am extremely punctual.  I hate being late and I can’t stand when people don’t value other people’s time; nothing cute or funny about being chronically late.

9 - How do you unwind after a long day of work?
I always have a project going, whether it’s a furniture hack, knitting hats for all of the newborns in my life, or figuring out what to do with the bulk sized bag of oyster shell beads I impulse purchased (open to suggestions!) – it seems I’m constantly crafting.

10 - What is your lucky charm?  
A palm-sized purplish mica rock slice that I got in Venice Beach, it’s normally floating around my bag or being side-eyed by TSA.

11 - What inspires you?
Efficient design, 2 year olds, Japan, fuzzy cognitive maps

12 - Social Media Account everyone should be following?
@RadFurniture: Simple furniture design that is a breath of fresh in the design world and run by some of the coolest people that I know.

@Ester_Au: My favorite spot in Sydney that I discovered in the happiest of accidents.  I like their IG because with the opposite seasons, it’s fun to see what they’re doing with seasonal ingredients 6 months ahead of time (or is it 6 months behind?).

@EdibleSpirit: I have been a student of Michael Domitrovich’s for years and he teaches resilience, stress management, and integrates his background in nutrition as an important tool in all of his work.

13 - Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
I have been fortunate to have so many great mentors, but I think that the collective wisdom of SyFy’s Battlestar Gallatica reboot in the mid-aughts continues to advise me everyday.

14 - How long did it take you to get to work this morning?
20 seconds.  I barely have to cross the street and I had an office here before this place even opened because I was so excited about it!

15 - When’s the last time you celebrated a win?
Beating 500 meters on a 2-minute water rower sprint at HIIT Box.  I am not a natural athlete and this was abig deal for me.  I think I was too winded for the rest of the day to celebrate but it’s no secret how obsessed with I am with HIIT Box, it is the best workout  and constantly challenges me beyond what I think I can run/jump/lift.

16 - If you could squeeze one more activity into your daily life, what would it be?
Oh my, just one!? Finding another documentary subject for our Story of a Lifetime project, solving Kryptos, and learning French to be able speak with my niece and nephews beyond animals and colors.

17 - If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
International Klein Blue

18 - What is the most interesting thing about you?
Please see other 22 questions

19 - Last show you binge watched?
Deutschland 83  - It’s like The Americans but from the East German and West German perspective. The plot is enthralling plus Cold War-era fashion and music always makes for fantastic entertainment.

20 - Biggest Cheerleader?
Tracie Rice Reynolds, creator of empires like Good and Yummy and always the first to celebrate a big win, but carefully parlay that win into many future wins.

21 - Call or text?
I suck at both – I like to binge catch-up with people when I see them, even if it’s been a year or two…or five.

22 - Favorite book?
The Old Man and the Sea. The plight of Santiago and that marlin will always be as real as it gets for me. Although I just finished The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver and can't stop talking about it to everyone.

23 - Name 5 people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party.
- Paolo Soleri
- My Grandmother
- Walt Disney
- President James K. Polk
- Julia Child


Images courtesy of our in house photographer, Hannah Cohen.  Check out her work here!


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