23 Questions with Bond Collective is a series highlighting the impressive 1,000+ person community spread across the Bond Collective portfolio. The series will feature members from 60 Broad55 BroadwayGowanus and Flatiron locations and Bond Collective employees as well. 23 Questions will explore all different walks of life and show just how unique and vast the Bond Collective network continues to become.


Marshall is the CFO of Ruvna and a member of Bond Flatiron. Originally from a combination of Philadelphia and Boston, Marshall attended American University and has lived in Tokyo. Marshall has been a New Yorker for over a year. Interest in education and social positivity launched Marshall’s career post college. At Ruvna, Marshall and the team are on a mission to create smarter & safer schools. They believe strong, clear, easy communication is the best tool to get there. Ruvna is reinventing the system of tracking students for schools during emergencies, therefore making our schools safer and more efficient. Marshall oversees business development, outreach, and more for Ruvna.

Outside of Bond Flatiron, Marshall is a musician, food lover, rugby player, and exercise enthusiast. He lives in Bushwick and can be found at Dromedary Bar (an urban tiki bar!), at Old Stanleys, or catching a movie. At Bond Flatiron, Marshall enjoys the curated community who are doing interesting and good work. Marshall values that the fellow members and staff at Bond Collective have a mutual zest and passion for what they are doing. Marshall is passionate about his career and life in general. We needed some motivation for the end of the week, and Marshall’s enthusiasm revived us, we asked him a few questions...


1 - First thing you do in the morning?
I listen to the Up First by NPR. I grew up with NPR and start every morning with it.

2 - Top 3 songs to listen to when you need to get work done?
I am more of an album guy, to get work done lately I have been listening to:
      Malibu by Anderson Paak
      Waiting for Columbus by Little Feat
      Morning Commute playlist by Spotify-  their curated playlists are awesome

3 - Favorite coffee shop and go to order?
There is a coffee place called MixTape right down the street from my apartment, it is the most hipster thing ever. Just a window for coffee, but it's awesome. My go to order is a large iced coffee with almond milk and caramel.

4 - Gmail or Outlook?
Does anyone use outlook still? Gmail.

5 - App you can’t live without?
The Reddit app is my go to, I can't live without it.

6 - First job?
I was a prep cook and dishwasher at a restaurant in high school.

7 - Favorite lunch spot?
DD dumplings near Flatiron, Dos Toros, or Cava.

8 - Early or late?
If I can manage to get up early I am a happy morning person, but I usually don't succeed at that unless, I have too.

9 - How do you unwind after a long day of work?
I go to the gym most days after work which helps me unwind. I love cooking dinner, I actually wanted to be a chef for a while. My go to recipe is actually a family recipe for smoked salmon, nothing better than lox and bagels on Saturday mornings.

10 - What’s your lucky charm?
Never been one for lucky charms, but I will say when I am in a good routine and I am in a good flow, that's my lucky charm.

11 - What inspires you?
Passion inspires me. People that are genuinely invested, and for lack of better word, give a shit about what they are doing. You can see their emotional investment, their eyes go wide when they are explaining that this is what they are meant to be doing. That inspires me.

12 - Social Media account everyone should be following?
@filmcrithulk - It’s movie reviews from the Hulk, the account is hysterical.

13 - Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
My Grandpa built houses for 60 years and he always says, “measuring twice is stupid, always measure a third time before you cut”

14 - How long did it take you to get to work this morning?
Takes about 40 minutes to get to work everyday. I love walking on Park Ave after I take the L, it is quiet and the exact opposite of what riding the L is.

15 - When’s the last time you celebrate a win?
I had a win last night! I went to an Ed tech meetup at the Ed Tech Factory. I go every month, it is one of the best meetups I have ever been too. It is a really fantastic group of 100 people. I met really great folks and some investors, that’s a win!

16 -If you could squeeze one more activity into your daily life, what would it be?
More time to play guitar, I have played for ten years. Recently, I was listening to a band and heard a dirty slide line, and was inspired to learn a new way to play.  Its an entirely new way of connecting to the instrument. It’s a rewire of something I've been doing for so long, which keeps it interesting.

17 - If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Neon Carrot.

18 - What is the most interesting thing about you?
I will eat anything and I mean anything. I have had blood sausage in England, and  raw horse meat sashimi in japan. I am a firm believer in trying any food at least once.

19 - Last show you binge watched?
Narcos, I watched the entire series in a week, so excited for season 3.

20 - Biggest Cheerleader?
My Grandpa.

21 - Call or text?
Text usually, but it depends. If it can be talked about in 30 seconds I’d rather call, otherwise text.

22 - Favorite book?
The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho

23 - Name 5 people (dead or alive) you would invite to a dinner party.
The Obamas, Warren Buffet, John Oliver and Dave Chapelle.

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For more on Ruvna visit: http://www.ruvna.com/ or @ruvnatech on Twitter,
For more on Marshall Follow
@singermarsh on Twitter!

Images courtesy of our in house photographer, Hannah Cohen.  Check out her work here!



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