Whether you are setting up your new work from home space or gearing up to get back into the office, we found these items essential to jump starting your work routine!

1) Speaker

Set the tone by having a speaker at your desk that can also double as a clock. Most digital clocks have bluetooth speakers built into them along with additional outlets. This makes your first item a multidimensional piece by doubling as a clock to a power adapter for all your devices, because we can never have too many! Studies have shown that music not only boosts your mood and productivity but it can also assist with your memory. Listening to calming music before a large meeting can help stabilize your mood and get your mind right. Some of you may even type to the beat! By having a speaker that is also a clock, this can help with time management while at work. 

2) Planner

For the days when having a clock at your desk can just cause you to stare at the minutes going by, that is where our #2 items come in as a weekly or monthly planner. Having either a large desk calendar or a small notebook by your side for your daily and weekly planning is key. When working from home or heading back to the office maintaining your goals and staying focused will be imperative to your success. A monthly planner allows for plenty of room for creative moments or to jot ahead important dates, like your bosses birthday. This planner will help move you forward during your stagnant moments and also allow you to track your daily work place wins.


3) Organizational Unit

Speaking of time management, what better way to cut through the hassle of digging for desk items when we tell you about our #3 necessary pieces, an organizational unit for your office supplies. If you are still working at your kitchen counter and at the end of the day need it to be your chopping board, a unit that holds your papers, pens, and other miscellaneous work items will make for a quick clean up. These pieces allow for your daily items to be readily available saving you time and frustration when searching for that perfect highlighter on your zoom calls. 

4) Trash Can

When you feel like your organizational holder has met its limits, our #4 item is sure to help with this. It is so simple yet so genius to have a trashcan handy in your work space. Having a trash can in or around your work space is a genius way to declutter but also decompress. When you have piles of files on your desk that are from concur three months ago to that pen that JUST ran out of ink, get rid of it. Removing items that are not necessary to be in your work space offers a quick cleanse and reset to your day, plus it’s eco friendly! 

5) Stress Ball

Speaking of decompressing, our last but not least favorite item is having a stress ball handy. Most of us have had to adapt to a work from home lifestyle these past months and unfortunately so have our other housemates. If you are still in the office then we all know that working for yourself or others can be stressful too. By having this simple item at your desk and within an arms reach you can provide yourself with a healthier way of decompression from work throughout the day, looking at you IG scrollers! Stress Balls have been proven to not only reduce stress but they improve nervous system functioning and act as a release of tension in the hands, which in turn improves dexterity.

Armed with these items you will surely be at the top of your game in your office space and maximizing your full potential without breaking the bank!