As this period of social distancing stretches on, it’s more important than ever to connect with your friends, family, and colleagues. To make that a reality, happy hour has jumped to the virtual realm. While it may feel like a far cry from an in person happy hour, with a little planning, your happy hour can be a fun wind-down at the end of your day. Bond Collective has you covered with the top tips and tricks for making your virtual happy hour a hit!


Set Up the Invitation

Set a time and date with your friends. Discuss what platforms work best for you all. Google Hangouts and Zoom are both popular options. When sending invites, try to keep the guest list small. Large video calls can be unwieldy! A smaller group means everyone will be able to participate fully and the conversation can be more natural.

Make it an occasion

A virtual happy hour is a great opportunity to get a little dressed up. Shed your sweat pants and opt for something a little more elevated. You can even experiment with themes. Consider hosting a formal happy hour or a costume party and see what your friends come up with! Consider decorating the space around your computer to make it extra festive.

Invite Everyone to Bring a Special Drink

A virtual happy hour is a great excuse to treat yourself. Try sending out a list of easy cocktail recipes for your friends to try or encouraging guests to order “cocktail to go” options that have quickly become popular. 

Play a Game

There are a host of ways to play games online with your friends. Find one that works for you. It’s a great way to break to the ice! Try Jackbox Party Games or Boardgame Arena to find some good options. Some individual board games have virtual versions on their websites. 

Be Ready To Guide the Conversation

Let’s state the obvious - participating in group calls can be awkward! If you’re the host of a virtual happy hour, you can ward off some of the awkwardness by having some questions prepared. Try swapping tips about working from home. Asking what everyone is reading and watching during quarantine is a great way to start things off. Another direction is discussing at-home work routines and new-found favorite recipes. Try directing at least one question at each guest to make sure everyone gets a chance to chime in. Just remember to keep things light and fun! 

Close the Night Out with a Toast

It’s a good idea to cap your happy hour to about an hour before it runs out of steam! Have a closing toast prepared to leave everyone in good spirits. Toast to each other's health and making it through this together! 

Set Up Your Next Happy Hour!

Now that you’re a virtual happy hour whiz, stay connected by setting up small happy hours with each of your communities. Connect with colleagues one night, friends the next night, and family members another night. 

Take your connections to the next level with Bond Collective

If you’re looking to expand your network, Bond Collective is the place for you! We offer monthly happy hours, Wine Down Wednesdays, and other opportunities for meeting new people. Whether your part of a large team or working solo, there’s always room for new connections, social and professional!

Whether you choose a private office (or suite of offices), a dedicated desk, or a flexible coworking option, all our members have ample opportunities to engage with other professionals and grow their networks. Maybe your next happy hour - virtual or otherwise- will include some new faces!