It’s no surprise that we at Bond Collective are taking the time to celebrate International Women’s Day. Not only do we have some of the most talented and witty female members on our team, we also have a strong and vibrant staff that is over 60% female! 

Words: Ashleye Espinal, Bond Collective Community Director


Our small team consists of some of the most independent, passionate, and talented women that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are truthfully one of the many reasons that make Bond Collective the vibrant company that it is, which helps to foster the same atmosphere in each of our spaces. Aside from our day-to-day responsibilities of helping our awesome team grow and become the best they can be, we realize that the foundation of what we do and who we are, not only has a strong female presence behind it, it has women who actively work on lifting each other up and supporting each other each and every day.

Make no mistake, we are acutely aware of how much has changed since this time last year. Looking back, we could not have anticipated all that has changed since then. Women were forced to have two full time jobs while others have been forced to exit the workforce. That’s why today, we are celebrating not only the women of Bond Collective, but those that came before us, the ones standing with us and the women of the future. We open our arms to those women that need that extra push, those extra words of encouragement to feel free in their lives and choices, because if we don’t encourage and uplift one another, we as a whole, will not succeed. Now is the time for us to hold hands, speak up and continue moving forward.

And if I dare say so myself, the future is definitely Female.

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