Lucas is an integral part of the Bond Collective Design team. As Lead Project Coordinator, he makes sure that our spaces are not only installed correctly but that they stay looking as beautiful as they were intended. He also plays a large role in developing our brand aesthetic; everything from creating beautiful illustrations to working on architectural and design plans. Outside of work, Lucas is a renowned baker and artist who is always pushing his creative limits. We sat down one sunny Thursday in June for a glass of champagne and some deep digging to find out where all this creativity came from…

-Thomas Gibbons, Creative Director

TG: Let’s start with the basics, where were you born?

LK: I was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, which is very close to Hershey.

TG: Sounds Exotic!

LK: We are famous for our sweet Bologna, and no one has ever heard of it.

TG: Did you grow up there?

LK: Yeah, until 2014 and then I went to Parsons. 

TG: What did you study in college?

LK: I studied Architectural design.

TG: How is that different from Architecture?

LK: Architectural Design focuses on concept and a lot of more metaphysical/spatial concepts.  They’re not teaching you how to draft...they’re teaching you about building envelopes, thresholds and the components of buildings. High concepts.

TG: Were you working a job in college?

LK: I started my first semester off from working but I wasn’t busy enough. I always equate it to ‘an object in motion stays in motion’, so I needed something to jolt me into productivity.  I got a job at Restoration Hardware and I worked there 30-40 hours a week while in Architecture school. It was intense, yeah.

TG: Would you say that RH has any inflection on your work/taste/ethos?

LK: I found RH knowing what my ethos was and it aligned with the way I was thinking and how I thought the world should be. So it was almost like a paradise to me when I found it.  So, yes. 

TG: What was the aha moment where you realized Architecture would be the thing?

LK: I was doing a ton of drawing in High School and probably Freshman year I really got serious about what I was going to do. I realized that everything I draw is a building because it’s neat and concise and there are angles and symmetry like I don’t ever draw people... I find comfort in drawing buildings. 

TG: What’s comforting about drawing a building?

LK: It’s predictable and it can be mapped out. I like the technical part of it. I find something beautiful in the technical aspect of it. 

TG: What is the relation between drawing and baking? 

LK: For me, that technical aspect still runs through baking. It's a very precise art. Everything is very well planned and plotted, but I would also say that I have a need to create things and baking and drawing are a release for me. 


TG: Are you still drawing?

LK: I drew a lot during the pandemic, there was a lot of time to think and reflect. It’s funny, it's not always drawing...I’m creating something all the time whether I’m baking or painting or I’m working on or drawing.

TG: I think it’s a little known fact that you make all of the illustrations for Bond Collective. I love how you come through in the brand so clearly in a way, it’s like we need to figure out how to do that with baking as well.  How did you discover baking?

LK: When I was a kid, probably 10 or 11, the show “Ace of Cakes” came on and I was obsessed with it, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it because my Dad thought it was too “Gay”.  It was on late at night but they would do crazy stuff like add pyrotechnics to the cakes so I was able to convince my Dad to let me watch the show.  From there I wanted to go to the CIA, Culinary Institute of America.  I was going to be a pastry chef for a long time until I discovered architecture. 

TG: So you bake, you draw, but I also know that you garden. Tell us about your “Bushwick hydrangeas”...

LK: Well, they were purchased in Queens and they are much smaller this year than they were last year.  They need a bigger pot, but my new place has a big backyard so they will be happy!

TG: Is there a place you see yourself living in 20 years from now?

LK: Umm...I honestly think somewhere in Europe. Or Santa Barbara. Maybe Carmel. 

TG: Favorite Holiday?

LK: I love holidays, all of them.

TG: Do you have a morning ritual?

LK: Yes! Watching CNN.

TG: What kind of music do you listen to?

LK: Anything chill or relaxing, a lot of Bossa Nova, a lot of Sade. A LOT of Sade. 

TG: Favorite architect?

LK: McKim, Reade and White. 

TG: Describe your perfect work outfit.

LK: I have been super into the idea of wearing all one color lately. Generally anything beige or navy.

TG: Favorite Bond Collective space?

LK: The striped booths at 60 Broad Street. My favorite. I mean, a cabana stripe...sign me up!

TG: Biggest lesson you’ve learned working at Bond?

LK: Always expect the unexpected. 

TG: So you like a plot twist... What are you watching on TV?

LK: I watch a lot of Golden Girls but also a lot of lectures and documentaries...which is really boring but I find it fascinating. There's an entire channel on YouTube called “Perspective” with this art docuseries with Waldemar Januszczak. They talk about “Where does ‘Baroque’ come from?” and different movements.

TG: Where does “Baroque” come from?

LK: So the word “Baroque” is essentially a word play on “Rococo”. They both derive from french words meaning shell. So Baroque would essentially be equated to a misshapen shell because when that came to be no one knew what it was or what it stood for other than the fact that it was a decadent chaos. 

TG: Speaking of decadent, what’s a baking project that you’ve always wanted to do that you haven’t gotten around to?

LK: I’ve been really wanting to try a Baked Alaska, which is a popular dessert from the 1970s including ice cream and meringue…Also, Gingerbread houses are something I struggle with annually. 

TG: Favorite Movie?

LK: Ohhhh that’s a hard one!

TG: Ok...Favorite movie pre-1960?

LK: That would be “Sabrina” with Audrey Hepburn, no no the real one is “Suddenly Last Summer”.

TG: Favorite current day movie?

LK: It’s a tie between “Black Swan” and “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, directed by Nancy Meyers.

TG: You have a very Nancy Meyers-ness about you.

LK: Thanks, that’s not an accident!


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