Katharina Hoerath is the powerhouse force behind the design team. As our Director of Architecture she brings our locations to life: translates ideas to paper, manages construct ability, code, and cost. Her experience and taste influence every detail, while her kindness and work ethic are unmatched. Let’s learn more about our artistic Austrian queen.

-Elide Rathborne, Director of Design

EG: How long have you worked for Bond Collective? Tell us about you first impression when you started…

KH: Three years, since August 2018. The first space we worked on together was Bushwick. It was very challenging thinking about hospitality and architecture on a holistic level, but challenging and intriguing in a very positive way. We had to really think about the design and the interactivity with how the members will use the space daily. It was totally different than anything I had done before, while also keeping in mind durability and keeping the space looking good for the long term. The goal of creating a homey yet focused atmosphere. It was really awesome getting involved with a brand that already had a determined sense of their point of view.

EG: Where are you from originally?

KH: I grew up in the Austrian Alps, very different from the Big Apple. There were only nine thousand people in my town, it was very outdoorsy which really influenced my perception of nature driven design. I would go hiking in the Alps, and water skiing in the lake. The way I grew up, it was very important to feel comfortable in every environment.

EG: Growing up, when did you realize you wanted to take a creative path?

KH: In order to answer “what do you want to be when you grow up”, my first answer was always an actress. Later in my adolescent years I knew I wanted to become an architect. Although, it was very hard to be an architect in Austria if your parents weren’t already architects.

My father was a chemical engineer, always drawing up plans, and when I was young I would watch him and draw up plans with him. I was fascinated by the idea of bridging science and art. I always did art pieces at home that, bless my parents, they never threw out. I loved making sculptures, one of my first pieces was carving a flame out of a wood trunk, I was 13 or 14.

EG: Tell me something that no one knows about you..

KH: I am a world champion vaulter. I used to do handstands on horseback.

EG: How did you get into vaulting?

KH: I grew up next to a horse farm, and went for horseback riding lessons. One day I saw a vaulting lesson happening and then convinced my parents this is what i wanted to do, I was 6. I joined the beginners vaulting team and I was fearless! I loved being thrown the air, very quickly I joined the advanced team and started traveling all over the country to tournaments. I was 16 when my team won third place in the world championship, when I was 14 and 15 we were the national champions of the country.

EG: Where did you go to school?

KH: Syracuse University for architecture, I have a double Master’s in Architecture and Art History.

EG: Who are your biggest influences in design and architecture?

KH: I love mid-century architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Mies van der Rohe, and Zaha Hadid. My favorite architectural style is Modern with respect to classical.

EG: What was your favorite Bond location you've worked on so far?

KH: They are all fantastic, and have their different perks. I have to say Bushwick because it was the first one and had so many challenging aspects: an event space, new construction, connecting three existing buildings. It was really the beginning of us as a design team and we establishing a real design point of view.

EG: In your spare time you’re quite the artist, tell us about some of the projects you are working on in your spare time.

KH: My research for my second Master’s degree was materiality and how it impacts an atmosphere. Katie, my best friend from college, and I were approached by a visionnaire about creating an immersive way to drive knowledge about sustainability. The exhibits are all created by sustainable materials, or post consumer materials.
We have done a few rooms in Arcadia focused on the fiber cycle and the reduction and reuse of plastics.

EG: How do you stay sane while juggling so many projects?

KH: I find it very important to find time for myself, and love to exercise. I play the piano and spend time with my significant other, George. I also quite enjoy the late night calls to discuss design with Elide and Thomas, great design ideas sometimes happen at midnight.

EG: If you could have a dream vacation anywhere, where would it be?

KH: BORA BORA, because I’m dreaming of being on the water, it’s my calming place without wifi. I take that back, I would rather go to Bond Collective’s new downtown LA location, it is stunning!

EG: Biggest takeaway so far working at Bond?

KH: How important it is to love your teammates on a personal level, it really helps to show your best. When you understand your colleagues you show your best on a professional level and create the best work

EG: If there's one thing that you could tell your younger self today, what would it be?