Meet Gabi, Tiffany, and pup Stella, owners of Pink Apocalypse: a delightfully energetic and colorful vintage clothing store operating from Bond Collective Greenpoint! We discuss how they started to where they are today - featuring an online store, scheduled to launch August 10th, and popups at the Grand Bazaar on 77th throughout August and September!

How did you two meet?

On a dating app in fall of 2019.

What are both of your respective backgrounds, and did you think you’d be doing what you do now given your work experience?

We come from the tech and beauty industries. Each of us had the thought of reselling in the back of our mind in some way before we met. Then in 2020, as Gabi was on unemployment, we were thinking of ways to start selling clothes online as part of our income.

Can you tell me a little bit about your company and how your company came together?

We started with the idea of having an online shop and quickly realized that before launching a website, we needed people to launch it too. We needed to build a community. 

What are the challenges you’ve faced in the launch phase of your business?

Starting our sourcing in the pandemic - with masks, stores limited capacity, and estate sales on hold. We also started storing all of our inventory and supplies in our Brooklyn apartment - we started running out of space.. We also quickly learned that starting in a city like New York is very competitive. For example, we’ve started going to estate sales in the area as early as 4am when the doors open at 9am.

Did you find that any of the challenges were particularly more prevalent being a women-led and founded company; i.e. access to capital?

Not necessarily, however we definitely experienced moments of being treated differently due to the physical nature of our job. Several times in set-up/takedown we’ve been patronized in ways that implied we didn’t know how to unload something correctly or that we weren’t strong enough. 

If so, what helped in your journey? 

Support of friends who kept showing up over and over again on market days to say hello and just be with us. The validation of returning customers who become like friends, and bring more friends because of our selection. The continuous tags on instagram. 

Were there any women-owned business grants that you were able to tap into? If not, perhaps you can share a women-in-entrepreneurship online community or resource that every female entrepreneur should know about. 

We don’t have any resources, but we used the female entrepreneurs in our network as inspirations and examples. One is the founder of The other is the founder of

How has having an office space like Bond Collective Greenpoint contributed to your growth as a company?

As mentioned we were totally running out of space keeping all of the inventory in our apartment. Bond collective offers an office space to keep our inventory, which helps us focus on photos and uploading things to our website. We love that we can book a conference room to hold customer appointments, take pictures, and prep for markets. We LOVE that we can bring our dog Stella with us. 

So many women deal with imposter syndrome, burnout, decline in mental health, among many other threats when they start and run their own company…have either of you struggled with this? 

Yes, there are definitely moments we experience imposter syndrome sourcing/selling in categories like vintage t-shirts that is very male dominated. We also work 7 days a week and burnout is a thing. We try to have a vacation plan to look forward to, and take small breaks during the week when we can. 

What are some tools or tips you’ve been able to tap into to reclaim your identity as the talented and capable entrepreneurs you are? 

That we have to remember, it doesn’t matter the competition. We have a unique style and taste that stands out from others - we’re known for unique and colorful pieces from the 80’s and 90’s.

How important is comradely and community in business? Can it be done solo?

People can definitely do it solo, but we benefit from being two creative people of different styles and a similar creative taste. We also really benefit from building camaraderie in the community of resellers. 

If you could set one intention for all your working days in the beginning of the day and follow through on it, what would it be? How does this intention contribute to your overall wellness and wellbeing in the workplace? 

We really try to keep learning every day - listening to podcasts, watching live shows, and watching YouTube videos from other resellers keeps us growing and informed. 

Lastly, do you have any news or upcoming events you’d like to share with our readers?

Yes! We have been updating our website and will be launching shopping on the website August 10th. We’re also confirmed to pop up at Grand Bazaar on 77th: July 24th, August 7th, August 14th, August 21, September 11th, September 25th.

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