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Who they are:  Each project we take on is an extension of ourselves. We work with our clients – not for them. It is this mind set that sets us apart from everyone else. We don’t view our work as a series of tasks that need to be completed to end a contract, we look at is as a series of goals that need to be met in order for our projects to succeed.

What you get: Members receive 10% off of all CMYK services. Contact and identify yourself as a Bond Collective members to redeem. 


Full English Post

Who they are: Full English Post is a Brooklyn-based post production audio facility dedicated to outputting only the highest standard of sound design and mixing with a smaller price point than it's larger competitors. By working closely with the agency, creatives and director on projects from the offline stages to final mix, the creative process for both the edit and sound design can grow at the same pace.

What you get: Members receive a 10% discount on equipment rentals and audio recording, sound design and mixing services.


BiB Media

Who they are: BIB Media is a full-service media company focused on the best training, production and customized services in the business.  We take projects from conception to completion and provide any level of service in between.

What you get: Members receive special rates on production equipment and services.


Atlas Print Solutions

Who they are: Atlas Print Solutions is a full service print production company, seeking to provide unparalleled results through close partnerships with our clients. We go the extra mile to be more than just a vendor. We are your partner.

What you get: Members receive exclusive pricing on graphics, business cards and marketing collateral. Email Gregg at and identify yourself as a Bond Collective member to redeem.

Questions? Contact Partnerships Manager, Carly Moore, at