Bond Gowanus is an impressive facility. Not only do we have 47,000 square feet of impeccably designed workspace, a spacious production studio, a professional sound booth, six conference rooms, and two roof-decks; we have a fantastic Honor Bar to boot!

At Bond Collective, the Honor Bar is a place to buy snacks, meals, and beverages. We call it an “Honor Bar” because it is based on the honor’s system. We have a pay-it-yourself system in place by using the Square app on a stationary iPad, and a cash jar if members would like to pay by cash. We trust our community, and they trust us to take care of them; which we absolutely love to do.

As an Assistant Community Manager with a passion for snacking (ask anyone who works around me all day), I recognize how important it is to have an array of snack and food choices within our space. Taking into account that sometimes New York weather can be icy-cold and swelteringly-hot, it gives us great pride to offer food choices to members that allow them to stay comfortably inside, and also not interrupt their groove when they’re in their work “zone.”

We do our best to provide a variety of healthy and indulgent snacks/meals, as to create a balance based on the preferences of our members. We of course provide the snack basics: pita/potato chips, pretzels, hummus, chocolate bars, cold and hot cereal, granola, mixed nuts, nutrition bars, low fat yogurt, packs of gum, popcorn, and cups of noodles (to name a few). As for beverages, we stock up on: coconut water, various sodas, fruit juices, and iced coffees. We also include local vendors in the mix to help not only expand our variety of snacks, but also support the community surrounding the space.


A Spotlight On Our Local Vendors

Food in containers ready to be delivered

CookUnity “provides hand-crafted food delivered to your door,” and is the newest addition to the Bond Gowanus Honor Bar. They provide incredible freshly-prepared balanced meals, healthy sides, delicious breakfast parfaits with yogurt, fresh salads, refreshing juice shots, and tasty cookies. It is absolutely clear that they have a passion for making food that enriches the health of their customers, and that their meals are made with mindfulness and care. On any given day, they provide our Honor Bar with chicken, steak, fish, and vegetarian entrees. A personal favorite is the roasted chicken with truffle risotto meal and their side of Brussel Sprouts. It must also be added that their items are offered at extremely affordable prices. For the quality you are getting, it’s truly a deal that you can’t beat.


Organic Grill

Soup from the Organic Grill

Organic Grill is a Brooklyn restaurant that proudly serves food that is used with 99.9% clean, sustainably raised materials. This eatery a huge hit here at Bond Gowanus, providing our space with incredible vegan-friendly options to get them through the day. Making soup is an art that they have truly mastered; and they knock it out of the park every week (their soups fly off the shelves)! They not only offer delicious soup; they also stock our Honor Bar with healthy sandwiches, colorful salads, savory protein packs, delicious chia pudding, and more. A community favorite is the Mexicali Protein Pack that comes with fresh cut veggies, guacamole, salsa, and pita chips. Seriously…yum!


Sweet Success

Assortment of healthy snacks from Sweet Success

Sweet Success stocks our honor bar with snacks that are health conscious, but so delicious that you can’t even tell the difference. Russell Adler, head of Sales & Distribution of Sweet Success told us: “Our catalog is for food conscious people with active lifestyles.” Some community favorite snacks include: Laiki Rice Crackers, Organic Living Superfoods assorted nuts, Nature Addicts Fruit Sticks, Swoffle waffle snacks, Michel et Augustin cookies, Yerba Mate Soda, and Smashmallow marshmallows. Russell added: “We have LOVED our experience with Bond Collective because we get to visit your amazing space and interact with our consumers.” We have two words for all the snacks he brings to our space: De. Licious.


Toby’s Estate

Bottle of cold brew coffee being held up in front of shelves of snacks

Bond Collective loves working with Toby’s Estate Coffee, a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn. Their business model puts a strong emphasis on sourcing from trustworthy farmers, roasting each coffee individually and with care,  bringing quality to those who enjoy their products, educating/training their staff and wholesale clients, and providing impeccable support to their customers. Not only does Bond Gowanus serve Toby’s Estate throughout our facility (included within membership), we also stock our Honor Bar with Toby’s Estate Cold Brew. The Cold Brews are more demanded than they are requested by our members, to be honest. The community absolutely loves these iced coffees, no matter what time of year it is!


Snack Nation

Snack display from Snack Nation

Snack Nation provides “delicious healthy snacks for awesome offices,” and in this case, they sure do not disappoint. They give a wide array of snacks, and offer a whole myriad of options; there’s truly something for everyone. Some of our community’s favorite snacks include: Nature Valley granola bars, Go Lite! Herr’s Popcorn, Crave-N-Rave Heavenly Ranch Spikerz, and Deep River's Honchos nacho cheese chips.

Has this blog post whet your appetite? Stop by Bond Gowanus for a tour, and don't forget to stop by the Honor Bar while you’re here!




About the Author:

Bond Collective Employee Chrystina

Chrystina is a Hofstra alumna and native New Yorker with work experience ranging in the entertainment, media, financial, and hospitality industries. Based out of Bond Collective Gowanus, Chrystina uses her past skills and experience to enhance members’ day-to-day experiences to ensure their work environment is as comfortable as can be. Her hobbies include songwriting/vocal performance, improv comedy classes, making videos, smiling all the time, and befriending all people/animal that cross her path.



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