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As I was sitting at dinner with friends, we were all reflecting on how our days were and which parts of it made us happy. The subject of why I love my job so much came up because my friends always say I come back from work glowing (even if I feel drained sometimes!). As we were chatting, the notion sprung on me that at Bond Collective, we all act as facilitators ensuring the environments at all of our locations are supportive, encouraging and comfortable. Bond Collective’s community encompasses true business professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers that are making their own mark in the world. I feel very lucky to have landed where I did, at a place that I can help support other business in their journey.

The coworking industry is a marvel. The idea that companies of all sizes can come together under one roof in a shared space to hustle, grind, and create magic is truly inspirational. That said, everyone does need to start somewhere. Below are tips and tricks that we hope will help you forge your own path.

10 Tips To Help Guide Your Career Path


1. Identify your strengths.

While you may have your hand in a few different buckets, be conscious of your own strengths and passions. Being self aware of the things you are good at will speed up how you match with projects, jobs and ideas. Recognizing your strengths also helps you identify your weaknesses. What areas, whether it be skill-based or personal, do you need to improve? What are the vehicles for that growth? Those that act within what they know best very clearly have their best foot forward.

2. You are who you surround yourself with.

The saying goes: if you find yourself to be the most knowledgeable person in the room, it’s time to find a new room. While communities like Bond Collective are a good way to dive head first and surround yourself with other professionals, this mentality should extend into your personal life too. Mentality is key. Surrounding yourself with those that are equally motivated or within the same field will help you push yourself further and further towards success.

3. Find your support system.

Identifying the right environment is one thing. Working with your direct teammates and support systems are another. A strong team hosts a diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets, complementing each other in purely succinct fashion. Regardless of your role, title or timing within your career, be aware of those around you. Not only that, be mindful of the work that their doing and how your ideas and skills fit together. When life throws a roadblock (or ten), how does your team react? If you find yourself fighting fires alone, at what point will you explore growth? Having a proper awareness of those attempting to work in unison with you will only propel your chances of finding the right balance of success and happiness.

4. Recognize your HQ.

Often overlooked in the broader schema of things, where you operate from will either drastically hurt or help your business outlook and success. Consisting of 8-10+ hours of heavy activity, where you spend your work day is an important component and consideration regardless of team size or discipline. While your ‘home office’ or the coffee shop around the corner may work for a bit of time, having a formal, supportive environment around you will do wonders for your day to day operations. Invest in yourself and find a proper workstation.

5. Don’t ignore the details!

With such rapidly evolving startup and corporate environments, it’s very easy to catch yourself trying to stay 5-10 steps ahead. However, the reality is missing the details could be the death of your progress or motivation. For example, build systems and infrastructure to make sure that you’re ready for tax season, payroll, or utilities. For many companies, a missed security deposit or deadline could mean the end. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, and make sure your operations backbone is strong!

6. Put your head down, but don’t narrow your vision.

We’ve all been there. One win. Two wins. Things are going well! Confidence soars. Profits are on the rise. Then BAM! Without even realizing it, a detail slips by, a missed connection fails to reach out, or a conversation goes right over your head. Staying humble and appreciative is a vital component to personal and professional growth. For most, it's not about the money, it's not about the pedigree, it's not about the lights or the beams. It's about making the world a better place to live in because if you can't do it, then who will? Keep an open mind, and make yourself available to those that need help or want to give it.

7. Boundaries are incredibly important.

The worst part about constantly sprinting full speed ahead is remembering that it’s okay and necessary to slow down and take a beat sometimes. Stress impacts your day to day operations, your product delivery and development, and general personal/employee attrition. Set time aside for yourself and don’t forget the hobbies, activities or people that keep your head on straight. Mental health is just as (if not more) important as professional health. Check out this post for tips on how to be more mindful and self aware. 


8. Define the finish line.

Whether it’s financial stability, freedom for self-expression, providing well for your family or anything in between, be mindful of what you define as the finish line. Reaching your end goal is just as important as your ability to shift throughout your career. Set both short term and long term goals, so that you’re always aiming in a particular direction. Don’t be afraid of arbitrary goals, as those without definition or completion dates are often goals that we hold most dear. Also, be conscious of the goals of those around you and take time to assist in their grind as well, you never know what may come out of it!

9. Consider failure as a learning experience.

No one’s perfect. There’s going to moments in your career that don’t go your way, and you ultimately don’t succeed. It happens to everyone! After a small or large failure, take a step back and think about the lessons learned during this time. Identify what you did wrong, why it happened and how to fix it the next time around. You are likely going to run into more than one failure in your career, so take this learning experience in stride and move onto the next challenge!

10. Know when to ask for help.

As an individual in the working world, you yourself can’t handle every project, task or job that comes your way. It’s just not possible! Even though you might feel responsible for everything that is placed in front of you, there are always colleagues, family, mentors and friends you help you out. Asking for help is not and never will be a bad thing if you are trying your best. Recognize your maximum workload and go from there!



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