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Meet Gregg Jackowitz

Managing Director  

Gregg is the Director of Sales & Marketing  for Bond Collective and The Mezzanine. Gregg has spent his career growing a wide-range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses. Gregg has deep roots in business development and structuring processes that grow with each company's needs. He has spent time in financial services and on the management team of two start-ups, both of which were acquired. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, Gregg founded PaidEasy, a venture backed start-up that was acquired in mid 2017. Gregg has great expertise in both growing and leading businesses for scalable success. At Bond Collective, Gregg oversees all things sales across every location, in addition to managing The Mezzanine. Outside of work, Gregg enjoys time with his wife and their dog, Loki.