68 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

At its core, an iconic modern staircase divides this industrial Brooklyn space into distinct areas for a variety of different uses. Sun-filled offices, podcast booths, a production studio and rooftop access make our first Brooklyn location a creative campus. Dog-friendly and community-oriented, Bond Collective members call this their home away from home. Centrally located near two major subways and the BQE, Gowanus is easily accessed from all directions.

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Amenities include photo & production studios, Mother's Room, shared rooftops, custom suite build-outs, and Bike Storage

Gowanus Team

Francisco Peralta

General Manager

We have multiple locations throughout the U.S.
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Centrally Located: Our Coworking Space in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Located around the block from Carroll Street subway station, and at a convenient distance from the Union Street, Smith-9th Streets subway stops and the BQE, our Gowanus location is located in the center of the neighborhood with fine dining spots, a coffee shop, bars, parks, and supermarkets – including Whole Foods Market -- scattered around it. Whether you occasionally spring for one of our day passes, or settle well into our Gowanus office rental space, you'll be escaping from the affliction of work-from-home fatigue.  

We're proud to provide a space that accommodates members beautifully. Bond Collective is all about providing everything you could possibly need for your business to grow and prosper. While dedicated desks to private offices to day passes to large conference rooms are our mainstay offerings, our rental offices in Gowanus also boast podcast booths, a production studio and a very cool dog-friendly rooftop lounge, all available on a 24/7-hour basis.

You’ll Be More Creative at Bond Collective in Gowanus, Brooklyn

When no other workspace you know seems to ‘cut it,’ in terms of amplifying your creativity, optimizing your productivity and providing a calm, no-distractions environment, turn to us. Our Gowanus short term office rental is a large, industrial space with high ceilings, ample sunshine, and decor that is both wonderfully refined and luxurious so that you can tap into your creativity in tune and harmony with your beautiful surroundings. 

We Are Proudly Dog-Friendly: Shared Workspace in Gowanus

Bond Collective in Gowanus is your solution when you and your pooch need a place that is different from home and allows you to work (and play with your furry friend). Come and lie on a lounge chair in the fresh air and sunshine on our dog-friendly rooftop floor. Not that many office rentals boast such an amenity at affordable rates – so consider stopping by for a look-see tour, with your beloved pet in tow. Both your adorable furry friend and you will be delighted.