By Madeline Hrotko, Community Developer, Bond Collective Financial District

Many people know the obvious amenities and perks of working from a shared workspace: freshly brewed coffee, 24/7 access, member discounts, not having to worry about utilities, etc. What’s often lost on the casual onlooker however is the value of having a physical office, versus parking yourself at home. Studies show that working amongst other colleagues or like-minded people increases productivity and workflow, rather than working in a cubicle or from your couch.

Not only that, shared spaces enable easy brainstorming, collaboration, physical office space, or meeting rooms with other members or colleagues. At Bond Collective, each of our locations’ common areas are designed intentionally for quick meetings, passive networking, and/or the perfect lunch spot with team members.

Two people talking in a collaborative workspace

Collaboration means so much more than simply networking over a drink in your coworking space. The ability to run through ideas or projects with your peers has never been higher, based purely on the notion and importance of working alongside others on a daily basis on often incredibly different topics. Not only that, meeting booths (see below at Bond 60 Broad) allow for small, intimate meetings for two people at any point in the day.

While the space plays an important role in aiding such collaboration, shared workspaces often facilitate easy networking during casual happy hours, coffee breaks or small events going on within the space itself. Self- selecting into your own level of collaboration is a byproduct of that balance that we pride ourselves on, with your community only playing as crucial as a role as you see fit.

At Bond Collective, we genuinely feel that collaboration in shared workspaces helps create a productive business, but in more ways than you may imagine:

Working Together

The most obvious component: coworking environments give you access to a large network of other professionals ready to collaborate on ideas, projects, and more. The community that is created amongst shared office spaces are a resource in their own. For example, do you need a new brand image, legal advice, or an accountant? Look no further. Odds are you have these very services and individuals just  right down the hall! By joining a shared office space you instantly have a plethora of businesses at your disposal ready to work with you.


Shared office spaces have the ability to be flexible in more aspects than first meet the eye. Lease can start as short as a handful of weeks, and can go as long as few years pending your needs or wants as a business. Need office space starting tomorrow? Not a problem with well-designed, simplistic, straightforward license agreements, and quick invoicing systems. Also, having a growing business should never be a problem. Shared office spaces allow you to grow your team by moving to a larger office or even a new address without effort or extra cost! At Bond Collective, we understand growing can be stressful, and we want to make process as seamless as possible.

Coworkers having a meeting in a collaborative workspace

Access to multiple offices for the price of one

Why should having one office limit you to one location? If you join Bond Collective, you gain access to all of our locations in New York to Philadelphia (with more to come!). This means you have the opportunity to explore networks in different workspaces right off the bat. In addition, all of the offices are located in prime locations that give small businesses the opportunity to thrive in their local areas.

Brand Recognition

Small startups and freelancers are often times challenged by creating their own brand awareness. An added convenience of working from a shared office is that dozens of businesses will pass by your office/logo every day and will immediately know your brand name and image. This automatically connects you with an even larger network of professionals looking to collaborate. Also, specifically at Bond Collective, our spaces are focused on elevating our member’s brands, not our own. Let your business take the forefront of discussion without being downtrodden by our personal materials and presence.


Gallup’s research has found that people who have friends at work are more productive and engaged throughout the workday. Shared office spaces host member events, happy hours, tastings, etc. to promote casual socialization and collaboration throughout the community. More people are switching to coworking because it offers a level of socialization that working from home or a cubical does not.

People chatting in the lounge area of a collaborative workspace

Energy, Motivation & Inspiration

It’s hard to find inspiration while you’re working out of the place you call home or a cubical. Staring at the TV or a wall might not be the best way to provoke new ideas or maintain high energy levels. Shared office spaces are carefully curated to provide unique work environments that promote energy and motivation throughout the space. Most locations are fully equipped with call booths, meeting booths, conference rooms, amongst other resources to get you out of your regular office and inspire you to create. An albeit optional component, common areas spread throughout are useful for casual meetings or taking on a new change of scenery. Mental separation from your home and your work will propel your energy and motivation exponentially!

Whether you are a one man operation or a team of 50+; collaborative workplaces’ benefits are infinite and ultimately make for a more productive work environment filled with happier employees. Amenity sets, carefully selected furniture and floor plans, and inspirational design design elements help create a workspace that is comfortable and flexible for professionals, creatives, and businesses at any point along their progression.


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