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Earn 30% of Monthly Rent!

Do you know someone that would be interested in joining our growing Bond Collective community? Refer a friend today and receive 30% of their monthly rate as a bonus if they join! The larger the team, the bigger the reward! There is no limit to how many people you can refer, or the reward you can render.

Please note that both members and non-members are  encouraged to Refer a Friend. So start making that extra cash today!

How it Works

Spread the Love

Tell the friends and businesses you love, what you love about Bond Collective. — We have info, pics, FAQs, and other tools to help you.

Make the Intro

Once they’re interested, enter their contact info below — Or ask them to put you as a referral when they book the tour.

Get Paid 30%

You get 30% of their monthly rent 7 days after they start—for 6 months or more at any the membership level. That’s some serious cash.

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What do I have to do to refer a friend to Bond Collective?

All you have to do is fill out the form below with your friends information! From there, our sales team will be in touch with your referral.

How much cash do I get?

You will receive 30% of your friend’s monthly rent! This bonus can range from $100 to $7,000 for our bigger offices. The larger the team, the bigger the reward.

How is a tour scheduled?

Our sales team will be alerted once you fill out the Refer a Friend Form on this page. They will work directly with your referral to schedule a tour and finalize their membership.

When and how do I get paid?

You will get paid 30% of their monthly rent 7 days after they sign, no matter the membership level or lease length.

Where can I find information?

We’ve created an entire page for you to find out more information! You can find it here: or reach out to your local community manager and they can tell you more.

How can I share more information about Bond Collective?

We’ve created easy, downloadable PDF brochures of each one of our spaces:



How long is an agreement?

While most of our agreements are structured in month to month, six month, or twelve month durations, no agreement is considered too long or too short! Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of shared workspace environments, meaning that we cater specifically to you.

Can I upgrade units or membership level within my term?

If you’re growing, we want to grow with you! Upgrading to a better solution is a seamless process that’s ready to go whenever you are.

Can I visit your other locations if I take an office or membership at one location?

Of course! Each member is given five free day passes per month for visiting the coworking areas in other locations, and a ‘Global’ option may be attached to any membership or office.

How many spaces do they have?

Five and growing fast! Starting with our flagship Flatiron location in 2013, we added three facilities in 2016 alone, with another three in position to release in 2017.

What types of companies work out of Bond Collective?

Depends who you ask! Our Gowanus facility caters to more creative types, with various production assets for film and media folks. Our Financial District are popular amongst agencies and creative firms, with traditionally larger entities in tow. Given its Midtown South location, our Flatiron space is popular amongst tech companies and consumer services. They are in no way however mutually exclusive!

How community oriented is Bond Collective?

While we do host community-centric programming and cultures, participation is very much voluntary. If you would like to put your head down and get to the grind, you’re free to do so! But you’ll always find a welcomed seat at the happy hour should you wish to stop by.

How often do members do business with one another?

For those that leverage it, our Bond Collective network can be an incredible asset to your day to day operations! With a 1,000+ person membership base and growing, there’s no shortage of available opportunities.

How are you different than YOUR competitors?

The devil is in the details! Specifically built and maintained by a team of ~20 dedicated staff members, each community leader hosts a broader capacity to cater to their individual space, and the same smiling faces will be greeting you daily. An infrastructure and willingness to go the extra mile makes optimizing your day to day operations all the more easy.

How long has Bond Collective been around?

With our flagship location opening in early 2013, Bond Collective has been steadily and deliberately growing for the past four years! With four of the five facilities being added to our portfolio within the last 24 months, we’d love to show you our plans for the future.

Do you have any partnerships or benefits members can make use of?

Offering discounts and programming for both local and nationally branded businesses, our partnership portfolio hosts robust, and easily accessible benefits for Bond Collective Members to make use of. Gym memberships, local restaurants, insurance programs, you name it.

Do you host community-focused events?

Of course! Our curated event programming aims to bring the community together in the most natural of ways. Happy hours and discussions aim to get people to open up, with various workshops and conferences to increase your working knowledge.

Can I use the conference rooms at your other locations?

Absolutely. With 30+ conference rooms in our portfolio, you’re free to take a meeting in any conference room within our spaces