60 Broad, 24th Floor New York, NY 10004

Bright and airy, our coworking space in the Financial District combines classic American style and clean, modern lines to create a sense of effortless luxury. In addition to private offices (many of which boast harbor views and spectacular sunsets), 60 Broad features larger 15-50+ person suites that are easily customizable. Conveniently situated next to the Stock Exchange makes for a direct commute.

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60 Broad Amenities

Our first step up space features views of the New York Harbor, custom suite configurations, and an abundance of shared conference rooms and phone booths between two interconnected floors. This NYC office rental space is in a league of its own.

Financial District Team

Romina Canales

Community Manager

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Coworking Space in New York’s Financial District on Broadway: A Splendid Location:

Broadway shared space location is just a few blocks away from subway stations Wall Street, Broad Street, Wall Street/William Street on the 4, 5, J, Z, 2 and 3 lines. The legendary New York Stock Exchange is located even nearer, constituting the center-heart of this iconic neighborhood of world-class financial power, money and fame. 

When you book an office room rental in our Financial District on Broadway location, you’ll be able to bump elbows with a few of the most successful and high-powered individuals that New York City has to offer. Come and be a member of our office space rental agency, so that you can drink in our delectable, cozy, and posh ambience on a daily basis. We’ll happily grant you access to our range of awesome amenities, such as hotel-like towel service and showers in our immaculate bathrooms, and stellar customer service. 

Get to Know The Power District Better – Bond Collective Financial District on Broadway

Welcome to the future, where the elegantly handsome shared workspace is drawing professionals out of traditional working spots -- homes, company offices and local cafes -- so that they can continually bask in an NYC coworking area of shameless style and comfort. But when you book an office suite rental in our Financial District on Broadway location, you’re allowing yourself the additional ‘treat’ of getting to know this fascinating, world economy-driving neighborhood better. 

Visit and Tour the Bond Collective Shared Workspace Financial District on Broadway

We’re not just ordinary rental offices boasting dedicated desks, conference rooms, and good Wi-Fi, Bond Collective is out to change the nature of working itself by providing a range of high-shelf amenities and furnishings that deliver you the best of a deluxe cozy home and a boutique hotel, combined. Stop by to visit our facilities – we’ll roll out our best welcome mat for you. 

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