Collective Quarterly: Jade Peterson, Accounting Assistant

Welcome to Collective Quarterly, where we celebrate standouts from our amazing team. Meet Jade Peterson, a talented and fun-loving New York native, who’s more than just an accounting extraordinaire. Take a seat as we get to know her, her passions, and why she deserves the spotlight as our newest Employee of the Quarter.


4 Best Office Chairs In 2023 for Comfort, Style and Posture

The best office chairs for all body types, shapes and sizes…

What Is a Coworking Space? 5 Benefits to Shared Office Space.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of coworking.

5 Small Office Design Trends for 2023

Big ideas to help optimize the design of your small office space.

Collective Quarterly: Ryan Greenwood, Junior Designer

Welcome to Collective Quarterly, where we celebrate standouts from our amazing team. Ryan Greenwood far surpasses his title as Junior Designer, it should be more like Design Team MVP. He is an incredibly talented and creative designer, as well as an organizational wizard, multi-tasking extraordinaire and an overall kind, hardworking, and reliable asset to our team. 

Elide Rathborne: HD Wave of The Future 2022

Every year Hospitality Design Magazine recognizes up-and-coming yet tested professionals who view the world through unique lenses reflecting it back onto the hospitality industry. Past honorees include Lionel Ohayon of ICRAVE, Parts and Labor Design, Andre Fu, India Mahdavi, and Venus Williams, among many others. We are so proud of our Director of Design, Elide Rathborne for being honored amongst the 2022 class.

Bond with Bond: An Interview with Nick DeNofa, Employee of the Month

Nick DeNofa is a passionately trained hospitality veteran with a background in hotel and F&B. His skills and experience have shown immensely as he spearheaded the opening and business development of our Center City location in Philadelphia. We couldn’t be more excited to showcase his talent and get to know him better.

Interview with Pink Apocalypse Vintage Clothing Shop | Bond Collective

We sat down with Gabi, Tiffany, and pup Stella from Pink Apocalypse Vintage Clothing Shop in Greenpoint to talk fashion and their love for Bond Collective.

Office space for dogs in Vinegar Hill

An inside look at our dog-friendly coworking space in Vinegar Hill, near Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Member Spotlight: Gay Beer

Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore, co-founders of Gay Beer in NYC, saw an untapped niche to represent the LGBTQ+ community in the ever growing beer industry. We’re excited to have them with us at 55 Broadway as they tell us their story!

Bond with Bond: An Interview with Jade Alvarado, Employee of the Month

Meet Jade Alvarado, Community Sales Coordinator extraordinaire. Her effortless positivity, uniqueness and love for what she does are just a few of things that make her our Employee of the Month. Learn about how Jade made her way up from retail styling using her intuition and good-ole self reliance in her interview with Jeffrey Jackowitz.

GCUC : Better Coworking Together

A recap of Bond Collective at GCUC 2022 discussing shared workspace designs and the need for out of the box thinking in a post pandemic world.

Bond with Bond: An Interview with Jeffrey Jackowitz, Employee of the Month

An expert in hospitality and the culinary arts, Jeffrey Jackowitz brings so much knowledge and charisma to our Bond Collective family. Take a seat and catch up with us as we get to know Jeffrey, his accomplishments and his love for this growing industry.

Member Spotlight: liina

Cameron and John, co-founders of liina, open up about their superfood wellness supplement that not only does wonders for your body, but is naturally occurring and sustainable for the planet.

Bond with Bond: An Interview with Virgilio Mendez, Employee of the Month

Passionate about what he does and a leading example of what community stands for, Virigilio Mendez opens up about his role at Bond Collective, the path that brought him to us, and his love for an adventurous lifestyle.

What Are Innovation Spaces And Can They Work For Your Business?

Does your business need more collaboration and creativity? An innovation space may be the solution. Here, we offer tips for creating your own from scratch.

Bond With Bond: Francisco Peralta, Employee of the Month

Francisco Perlata, cat enthusiast and hospitality pro, can light up any room. We’re taking a look at how he’s lit up Bond Collective Gowanus for the last six months, and finding out about the journey to Miami and back that led him there.

Member Spotlight: ECOY

Shane and Ian, Greenpoint Bond Collective members and co-founders of tactical consultancy, ECOY, talk about why e-commerce needed a human touch and how the they get the dirty work done without doing anyone dirty.

Bond With Bond: Brett Hafstad, Employee of the Month

Navigating two of the newest—and largest—Bond Collective locations has kept Brett Hafstad busy in the Windy City for nearly two years. Visit either Chicago location and you’re sure to be welcomed by the December Employee of the Month doing it all, and making it look easy.

Member Spotlight : Fewer Finer

Madison Snider, Bond Collective member and founder of Fewer Finer, discusses the minimalist approach to crafting thoughtful luxury jewelry, and bringing back the one staple item everyone should be wearing.