Bond With Bond: Francisco Peralta, Employee of the Month

Francisco Perlata, cat enthusiast and hospitality pro, can light up any room. We’re taking a look at how he’s lit up Bond Collective Gowanus for the last six months, and finding out about the journey to Miami and back that led him there.

Member Spotlight: ECOY

Shane and Ian, Greenpoint Bond Collective members and co-founders of tactical consultancy, ECOY, talk about why e-commerce needed a human touch and how the they get the dirty work done without doing anyone dirty.

Bond With Bond: Brett Hafstad, Employee of the Month

Navigating two of the newest—and largest—Bond Collective locations has kept Brett Hafstad busy in the Windy City for nearly two years. Visit either Chicago location and you’re sure to be welcomed by the December Employee of the Month doing it all, and making it look easy.

Member Spotlight : Fewer Finer

Madison Snider, Bond Collective member and founder of Fewer Finer, discusses the minimalist approach to crafting thoughtful luxury jewelry, and bringing back the one staple item everyone should be wearing.

What Is A Shared Desk? Plus, 20 Tips For Implementing Desk Sharing

What is a shared desk? How does it differ from other options? We clarify the issue and offer tips for implementing shared desks in your business.

Location Stories : Bond Collective West Loop

Ever wonder about the stories behind Bond Collective’s distinct locations? Years in the making, each location is carefully chosen and designed with the landscape of art and culture in mind. In the first of this series, we’re taking a look at the history and the hearsay behind one of Chicago’s most unique architectural endeavors.

Hot Desking Vs. Hoteling: Benefits And Drawbacks Of Each

Hot desking and hoteling can change the way your team works. In this article, the experts at Bond Collective discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Bond with Bond: Katharina Hoerath , Employee of The Month

Austrian, Architect, and Artist, Katharina Hoerath brings Bond Collective’s vision to life with precision and brilliance. This month we’re getting to know how this one time aspiring actress found the role of a lifetime.

14 Awesome Virtual Happy Hour Games For Coworkers

How can you help your team build camaraderie while working remotely? Virtual happy hour games. We discuss the best activities to bring your team together.

Flexible Workspace: 10 Benefits For Entrepreneur

Flexible workspace isn’t just for startups anymore. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from what this unique office option offers. We’ll show you how.

What Is A Hybrid Office: Everything Business Owners Need To Know

Curious about the hybrid office? In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the concept and how to implement it in your business.

Office Etiquette: The Dos And Don’ts Of Workplace Interactions

Office etiquette matters and actually plays a big part in the success of your business. In this article, we discuss proper behavior for employees of all ages.

Bond with Bond: Nicholas Sposato, Employee of The Month

Nicholas Sposato, Bond Collective’s Employee of the Month, is an omnipotent presence across Bond Collective locations as Facilities Manager, but you probably haven’t met him.

The Hybrid Workplace: What You Need To Know For The Future Of Work

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. In this article, we discuss what you need to know to help your employees, teams, and business make the transition.

What Are Innovation Spaces And Can They Work For Your Business?

Does your business need more collaboration and creativity? An innovation space may be the solution. Here, we offer tips for creating your own from scratch.

How Much Does Workspace For Rent Cost In NYC?

The time is right to move your business into a workspace for rent in NYC. Here, we help you learn what you can expect to pay for an office in The Big Apple.

What Is The Hybrid Work Model, And Is Your Company Ready For It?

The hybrid work model is here to stay. Is your company ready? In this article, we discuss everything you need to know to make the transition smooth and easy.

Set Up For Success: A Minimalist Desk Space in 5 Easy Steps

Getting the most out of your work day by curating a clean and clear work space. We’re breaking it down into 5 simple steps to help get you on track to shed the clutter and find your most efficient desk set up.

Office Safety Guidelines: 10 Tips For A Safer Workplace

Office safety is key for the success of your business and the well-being of your employees. In this article, we discuss guidelines for a safer workplace.

Bond with Bond: Nicole Clark, Employee of The Month

Meet BC Employee of the Month, Nicole Clark! A real pioneer person, Nicole turns everything she touches to gold. Read our interview with Nicole to find out how this gal from Truth Or Consequence, New Mexico (yep), trail-blazed her way to Austin, Texas. Spoiler: it involves deserts, drag shows and the Potawatomi Tribe.