By Carly Moore, Chief of Staff at Bond Collective 

Yellow chairs in a Bond Collective coworking space

When you think of a lively, buzzing area of New York City, the Financial District isn’t typically the first thought that comes to mind. Usually, New Yorkers will tell you to go to Greenwich Village, Lower East Side or East Village. That’s not the case anymore. The Financial District has completely transformed into a destination for pleasure and for businesses in the past 5-10 years, and at Bond Collective, we are so excited to be a part of the catalyst of change in this dynamic neighborhood.

The Financial District was originally developed and built to house the largest financial institutions in the world, including the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In recent years industry has diversified in the Financial District. While still anchored by Wall Street, all sorts of industries are moving to the Financial District to be in close proximity to other like-minded businesses. Everything from ad agencies to financial institutions to coworking spaces are thriving and basking in FiDi’s exciting energy.

Since the September 11th attacks, Lower Manhattan has come back bigger and bolder than ever. Residential buildings are popping up left and right, as more people want to live in Lower Manhattan than any other part of New York City, according to The New York Times. Recent research indicates that the Financial District has seen a 255%+ increase in population between 1990-2014, almost double the other areas of the city.

Businesses across all industries such as Droga5, Mekanism, and American Express have now relocated to the Financial District for lower rent prices, breathtaking views, rooftops, hip night scenes and access to a growing community. Offices or coworking spaces locations in the neighborhood can be a driving force in retaining top talent or helping develop creativity internally. Not only that, the location of the Financial District can be easily accessed from all five boroughs and New Jersey, allowing for an easy ride to and from work for commuters.

If businesses aren’t interested in long term leases or fronting the cost of building an office, the Financial District offers over 1 million square feet of coworking space and 14 different locations. The offerings differ, dependent on what atmosphere, decor and environment suits your business. Specifically, Bond Collective has two coworking spaces and one event venue based in Lower Manhattan at 55 Broadway and 60 Broad Street, which are built with hospitality and high-end design in mind. Both locations offer a full set of amenities and can house businesses from 1 person to 50+ with custom offices.

Work stations in a Bond Collective shared office space

Now, let’s dive deeper into why Bond Collective chose to build not one, but two coworking spaces and an event venue in the Financial District. I hope this solidifies why this part of New York is the place to be!


Yes, we’ve explained that the Financial District is located in Lower Manhattan, but did you know it’s the home to over 12 subway lines and stations? One of the biggest perks of working in the area is the commute can be done from every part in the city, borough or state. The brand new PATH Station in the Oculus can channel commuters from Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City and almost any NJ Transit line that exists. In terms of ferries, folks can take a boat from Staten Island, Hoboken, or Brooklyn for a less conventional, but effective (and pretty!) mode of transportation.


To say that the Financial District has developed a few destination points in the area is an understatement. Between the iPic Theaters, South Street Seaport, Oculus, Stone Street and Brookfield Place, what more could you ask for? Every corner you turn, there’s another restaurant to try or museum to check out, which makes this part of the city a desirable destination for folks visiting town and wandering locals alike.

Why Bond Collective Chose the Financial District

Bond Collective’s CEO and CFO first came across our space at 55 Broadway over two years ago and fell in love with the area and location. Initially, we only took one floor at 55 Broadway, but that quickly expanded to a second floor and then the Mezzanine as well. After noticing a need for some larger office options, we decided to build a location focused on larger companies (15+ person businesses), which came to be Bond 60 Broad Street. Both locations are designed with classic American style and clean modern lines to create a sense of effortless luxury within a workspace.

Overall, the Financial District has been a fantastic place to call home for two coworking locations, an event venue and our corporate team. Everyday our team members are inspired getting off the subway and entering the mecca of the financial world, and it’s been a wild ride to witness the changes happening in the community. We can’t wait to see where the area will end up in the next 5-10 years and see our spaces grow alongside the Financial District’s growth.


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