By Nicole Clark, General Manager

This luxury minimalist jewelry concept started nearly four years ago as a passion project while founder Madison Snider was working full time in production after college. With consistent growth and an effortless sense of style, Fewer Finer has now expanded to running as a team of four!

Madison brought her shop to its first official physical space when she joined Bond Collective Greenpoint in April of 2021, after finding a loyal and burgeoning fanbase on Instagram. Being in the space allows for the team to work together, under the same roof, and for clients to meet directly with Madison to start conversations about custom pieces, or share stories behind heirloom pieces looking for a new life! Fewer Finer even does in-office custom jewelry weldings of infinity bracelets--luxurious precious metal chain permanently welded around a wrist or an ankle for a seamless continuation without a clasp. 

One on one work is a big part of Fewer Finer’s connection to their clients, and you can even shop in person (by appointment). Part studio and client reception, part office, part fulfillment--this is a company that has leaned into the flexibility that a fully serviced luxury office provides, let’s hear a bit more from Madison herself..

NC: Madison, we are so pleased to have Fewer Finer in the community at Bond Collective! You certainly have an eye for intrinsic value, beauty, and durability. Would you say making the decision to join Bond was a natural fit?

MS: Creating and living beautifully are core to our brand and my personal way of life. The look and feel of Bond is so much less like a workspace and more like a boutique hotel. It was important to us to have a place that felt nice for clients to come into and though we considered getting space in Manhattan, closer to the Diamond District, our brand is Brooklyn at heart! 

NC: That’s amazing, and we couldn’t be happier to have you! Now, tell me about your current team..

MS: Aside from me, it’s Katheryn, who is our Head of Marketing and Production, and a huge part of what we’re doing. She manages our online presence, including social media posts on platforms like Instagram, and she manages a lot of exterior marketing specialists that we work with. Really she touches all marketing needs and is so helpful to the way this business runs.

NC: That sounds like a lot, and I bet it’s so impactful to have someone who is just crushing it and handling messaging to your online audience for you. Tell me about the third part of your team, Laura.

MS: Laura’s is in a production management role. She’s doing everything from helping with customer support, managing our mails, managing the custom work process. Laura streamlines the entire experience for customers, including service and production. We also have brought on a fourth person, as an Administrative Assistant to help with growing administrative tasks.

NC: Do you all work together now in the space?

MS: We do! It’s great to be able to get our heads together and everything runs so much more smoothly!

NC: In looking through your Instagram stories, which are gorgeously styled, you can see a clear voice in the design and inspiration in your and I was curious about who you want to get your jewelry onto. If you could see a Fewer Finer piece on anyone, who would it be?

MS: It’s not very traditional, but I know who my favorite person would be, and it’s my dad. I would love to make him a signet ring, or something in a men’s collection. That would be a big deal to me because everyone in my family has pieces of mine so far. My dad is the only person who doesn’t have something because it’s just not his style to wear jewelry, which I get. He has been cheering me on for so long, and as a business owner himself I think he instilled that drive and ambition in me. I think if he had a piece that fit his style one day, that would be more special than anything.

NC: I love that. Also, while taking a look at your collections, everything feels very timeless and classic in a way that isn’t at all static or boring, because it also feels simultaneously relevant and on trend. It’s an impressive contemporary combination that just doesn't ever feel it will get old--sort of like the classic Little Black Dress. What do you think the jewelry equivalent of the LBD is, for men and women alike?

MS: I think it is a pinky ring, which is for all genders. There’s something to a pinky ring that feels like you have an edge of style no matter who you are or how you wear it. I also think it’s sort of a forgotten piece. I love pinky rings, I always have.

NC: I did not expect that answer, and now I need one. Heading to your site now.

NC: What is the process like for someone who perhaps has an heirloom piece that they love, and they want a new iteration of it? 

MS: What we do is either schedule an in person appointment if they’re in NYC, or a Zoom call for those who are further away, to get to know them and start the conversation. We’re able to work closely with master jewelers to create a design, and then once the client approves the design we move forward into production which is building molds, casting the metal, and setting stones. We spend a lot of time in the diamond district and maintain a very hands on approach through the entire process.

NC: Real quick, do you have anything that comes to mind from a special presentation of a completed project to a particularly delighted or emotional client?

MS: I have quite a few people who come to us engagement ring re-designs, and they never really wear their ring. They may have gone years without wearing it, and then they’re able to bring it back to represent more of who they are now, and that’s always nice.

MS: Someone recently wrote to me that she was selecting a charm from one of our collections to commemorate ten years of sobriety and I thought that was a very cool moment to celebrate. I also see that several clients are women who are purchasing things for themselves, because of an occasion that they want to mark, and that’s been something that I didn’t expect.

NC: I can see how Fewer Finer was a place to go for a woman to buy something for herself, to celebrate herself. Thank you again for talking to me today and we hope to have you in the community for years to come!