By Elias Rivera, Community Manager - 55 Broadway

Beer has been a staple refreshment for American culture since the turn of the 19th century. It’s a bonding agent for backyard grilling, sporting events, music festivals, and so much more. Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore, co-founders of Gay Beer in NYC, saw an untapped niche to represent the LGBTQ+ community in this ever growing industry. So crack open a cold one and learn about why Gay Beer isn’t just for Pride Month…

ER: Thanks for joining us! What’s the name of your organization?

Loyal Brands NY. Our names are Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore. We are both Cofounders of Gay Beer.

ER: Why Beer and why Golden Lager specifically?

Who doesn't love beer?! In developing our first beer offering we wanted the brew to be approachable to all beer drinkers. Lagers are classically refreshing while offering complexity depending on how crafty you want to get in the brew process. It was our intention to create a lite, sessionable beer that could easily fill a cooler and be sipped all day.

 ER: Do you have any other beers or products you’re working on?

Currently we offer one beer, a Golden Lager. We are in the midst of developing a second brew, an IPA, set to be released in Fall of 2022. We also have a full range over beverages in our product pipeline that are on the horizon.

ER: That’s awesome! Are you marketing or selling toward a certain or select demographic?

Gay Beer is not a gay man’s/gay bar beer.  It is an everyone and everywhere beer.  It is an invitation to start a conversation and engage in community.

ER: What inspired you to create this company?

The beer industry had an archaic view of marketing to the LGBTQ+ community.  Historically steeped in isolating masculinity and a belief that queer people are only worth pandering to during Pride month, marketing and efforts for consumer connectivity was reserved for rainbow retail during Pride month. The LGBTQ+ community and its allies are a powerful consuming base in the beer market pouring money into it year-round.  We understood the need for a brand that not only represented our community integrally but that was active within the community.  

ER: Would you say that you are pioneers in the industry or were there other brands that drove inspiration?

When we conceptualized the Gay Beer brand there was nothing like it on the market. Gay Beer is the first mainstay craft beer with intention to market to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies year-round. Since its launch there have been multiple follow up brands which is so great to see. As said, Gay Beer leads the charge in the queer beer agenda.

ER: Were you successful right out of the gate or was there a lot of trial and error in the process?

From its launch Gay Beer had and incredibly warm and excited reception.  People love the brand, its mission and the liquid itself.  

ER: What were you doing before launching this company?

Both of us are beer drinkers, in that sense we were connected to the industry. It had never occurred to either of us to enter the beer market from a business standpoint. Through conversation and a lightbulb moment we saw the opportunity that lay before us to get involved and to offer a solution to an ongoing problem.

ER: Diving in a bit deeper, how has the company evolved from when you first started to where it is today?

The company has grown not only in terms of scale but in relevance to the market. In the beginning, Gay Beer was a concept that we were driving. Today the brand itself is driving us, it has become its own entity in dictating what it looks like and how it’s offered. It's truly exciting to be on its journey.

ER: Have you stayed constant with the same product or service as you originally intended or has the business evolved and changed over time?

We are Gay Beer all day, every day. This brand is fun, disruptive and meaningful. We are full steam ahead in our focus in becoming the next major beer brand.

ER: What obstacles have you had to overcome since you launched?

COVID! Our first full year on the market, 2019, was such a big year for us. The beer was successful out the gate and was so well received with a lot of press. 2020 was set to be an even bigger year for Gay Beer. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck and temporarily blocked the wind in our sails as it did for many businesses. We were able to navigate the pandemic and even have some growth. The time also gave us to better understanding of our business strategy and gave us opportunity to refocus our intentions.

ER: Do you ever wish you did something differently?

Everything happens for a reason. Past experiences, good and bad, enable growth.

ER: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Don't hold back. Go with your gut. And take the ride.

ER: With the world constantly changing and evolving, how do you plan on keeping up and staying relevant?

There will never be a time where a reflection of a community is not relevant. The Gay Beer brand will always reflect the Queer community in real time, and that connective quality will solidify it as ever relevant. We aim to continue developing progressive and disruptive products.

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