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By Bond Collective Staff

For teams of all sizes, operating successfully in a flexible workspace means being able to accommodate many different activities (e.g., team meetings, quiet work, and collaboration) in the same general area without undue difficulty or disruption.

For an entrepreneur who’s just getting started (and may be working all by themselves or as part of a small team), operating successfully in a flexible workspace means enjoying the same options as a larger business without the cost of owning and maintaining their own office.

In this article, the experts at Bond Collective discuss the benefits of a flexible workspace for entrepreneurs who’re ready to take the business world by storm.

What Is Flexible Workspace?

Inside flexible workspace

As we touched on at the beginning of this article, flexible workspace is an office concept that makes it easy for teams large and small to do two things:

  1. Work together on different tasks in the same general area

  2. Modify the space to allow these activities to take place

In a traditional office model where one business works in their own dedicated building or on their own private floor, flexible workspace is more about easily-movable furniture that allows teams to spread out and arrange the furniture to their needs so they can work wherever the inspiration strikes them.

In the more modern office model where multiple businesses, teams, and even individuals work in the same shared office environment, flexible workspace is about providing a variety of seating options to accommodate whatever work needs done.

In a flexible workspace environment (such as those at Bond Collective), you’re likely to find businesses of all sizes — or even teams from businesses that own their own space.

A team of 100 from a large, international company might be working side-by-side with a solopreneur just starting a new business or a freelancer who is tired of working from home.

This is made possible thanks to communal areas with multiple seating options such as private offices, conference rooms, hot desks, dedicated desks, lounge areas, and more.

The benefits of this new office model for entrepreneurs might not be readily apparent, but when you look below the surface of what flexible workspace has to offer, you’ll discover advantages that you can’t find anywhere else.

Benefits Of Flexible Workspace

Man working in flexible workspace

1) Infrastructure

Infrastructure is all the little things that make work possible, such as:

  • Utilities

  • Technology

  • Furniture

  • Decor

  • Storage

Infrastructure even extends into necessary responsibilities that make the office run such as cleaning, restocking, controlling heating and cooling, and much more.

In a traditional office environment, you, or one of your team members, would have to take care of those issues.

In a flexible workspace like Bond Collective, those details are handled for you. That means you and your team can focus on work without worrying about who’s going to refill the water cooler.

2) Low Overhead

If you owned your own building or leased your own floor, not only would you be responsible for managing the infrastructure, you’d be responsible for paying for it, too.

That can take a major bite out of your operating capital.

But with a flexible workspace like Bond Collective, your business and all the other businesses working there pay for the infrastructure together.

Through this collective arrangement, your business will pay significantly less for its overhead when compared to the traditional office model of one business, one space.

3) No Long-Term Lease

You can avoid the risk of a long-term lease by basing your business — large or small — in a flexible workspace.

A long-term lease locks your business into a payment that won’t adapt as the market changes. The flexible workspace is much more...well, flexible.

You pay month-to-month for the footprint your team needs and avoid the issues that come when your market drops and you need to allocate funds for other, more important uses.

4) Professional Image

Inside decor of a flexible workspace

As an entrepreneur, professional image often takes a back seat to product or service development. A lack of professional image, however, can cause problems down the road when you need to meet with clients.

But when you base your business in a flexible workspace, professional image comes standard.

At Bond Collective, for example, all members benefit from guest reception, luxury decor, comfortable workspaces, and 24-hour access to conference rooms.

With a flexible workspace like this, you can focus on keeping your product or service development funded without sacrificing the professional image you need to succeed.

5) Agility

Agility is all about being prepared for the inevitable ups and downs your business will experience during its lifetime. A flexible workspace can help.

During lean years, your income goes down and your staffing needs decrease. During prosperous years, your income goes up and your staffing needs increase.

In both of those cases, a flexible workspace allows you to stay agile by expanding or contracting your “office footprint” accordingly.

Bond Collective, for example, makes it easy to change where you work from one month to the next. Your team can occupy dedicated desks in the first quarter, upgrade to private offices in the second quarter, and then downgrade to first-come-first-served desks in the third quarter.

That agility will help you save working capital and keep your business competitive longer.

6) Collaboration

As an entrepreneur, it often feels like you’re working in a vacuum with no input from anyone else. That lack of guidance and motivation can quickly bring your progress to a standstill.

A flexible workspace, on the other hand, allows you to work side-by-side with professionals from a wide variety of businesses. And when you work in close proximity with experts in their field, collaboration is inevitable.

Say, for example, that you strike up a conversation with a freelance coder in the lounge area one morning and find that your SEO business could expand into new markets with a bespoke app.

You can hire that person — or that person’s business — to work together on making that inspiration a reality. That’s collaboration in a nutshell and applies to individuals interacting with other individuals or teams interacting with other teams.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, a flexible workspace makes collaboration easier than ever before.

7) Inspiration

Whether you work as an entrepreneur by yourself or as part of a small team, the daily grind can take its toll.

It’s all too easy to lose creativity and develop tunnel vision when you work on a single idea day in and day out.

In a flexible workspace, you’re always surrounded by professionals from different niches with unique perspectives and ideas.

All it takes to reclaim your inspiration and breathe new life into your project is a conversation with someone in another industry who sees things just a bit differently than you do.

8) Comfort

As an entrepreneur, you’re ready to work anywhere to get the job done. But uncomfortable chairs, limited room to spread out, and too much noise (just to name a few) are not conducive to getting the job done right.

A comfortable environment plays a big role in helping you — and your team — maintain the creativity and productivity you need to take your business to the next level.

Most first-time business owners and entrepreneurs can’t afford luxuries like ergonomic chairs, adjustable-height desks, conference-size tables, and comfy sofas. Their money is tied up in getting their product or service off the ground.

When you base your startup — whether it’s just you or you and a small team — in a flexible workspace like Bond Collective, you get comfort built in. And that comfort isn’t an afterthought. It’s not an also-ran.

Our flexible workspaces are built and designed around two core principles: comfort and function. So you don’t have to expend energy trying to get comfortable while finishing that big project.

You can just focus on the work and on building your business into the success you know it can be.

All The Flexible Workspace You Need

At Bond Collective, we offer all the flexible workspace you need to run your business better than ever before.

Whether you need a private office, a suite of offices, or just a place to sit and type, you’ll find it all at any one of the many Bond Collective locations across the country.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or 100, you’ll enjoy all that Bond Collective has to offer including industry-leading amenities, such as:

  • Conference rooms for 2 or 20+

  • Custom build-outs

  • Private meeting and phone booths

  • Guest reception and greeting

  • Professional image

  • Unlimited black-and-white printing

  • Fast, reliable WiFi and ethernet

  • Mail and package handling

  • Porter service

  • Nightly office cleaning

  • Fresh fruit, snacks, and weekly breakfast

  • Complimentary spa water, craft beer, and coffee

Visit any one of Bond Collective’s many locations in the United States — including workspaces in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas — to see what the pinnacle of flexible workspace has to offer.