What Is A Shared Desk? Plus, 6 Tips For Implementing Desk Sharing

What is a shared desk? How does it differ from other options? We clarify the issue and offer tips for implementing shared desks in your business.

A Philadelphia Story

Bond Collective Center City occupies the penthouse level of One Penn Center atop the historic Suburban Station, A quintessential Art Deco structure with an extensive history.

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Matt Hislop, our longest-standing General Manager and Employee Of The Month gets interviewed by Julia Kropf, GM of our Philadelphia location!

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Workplace trends are ever-evolving. Will your business keep up or be left behind? In this article, we discuss the cutting edge of business in the 2020s.

A Tale of Terrazzo

Bond Collective sits down with Joshua Boncosky from Terrazzco, the North-Carolina based Terrazzo manufacturer of our custom stairs and kitchens in Bushwick, to learn a bit more about the process and production of such an exciting project.

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Bond Collective Project Coordinator, Lucas Keefer, sat down with Emmett Bragdon-Hess, General Manager of our Bushwick office, to chat about life, work and Emmett (who was just named our March Employee of the Month!) Read on to learn how a simple Easy Bake Oven sparked Emmetts creativity, his career and lead him to join our team!

Happy International Women’s Day

Bond Collective Community Director, Ashleye Espinal leads a strong and vibrant staff that is over 60% female! In her own words she acknowledges the progress we have made and what she sees for the future. Oh, and her all-female podcast recs are pretty great, too!

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Music in the Workplace

I’m sure we all know that colleague that can’t function in a completely silent workplace. Well, truth is, they may be onto something.

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Wherever your workspace is, we could all use some calm in our daily work routines. Bond is here to help! Here are five tips to help you accomplish your goals in an environment that puts your mind and body first.